6 Tips To Boost LMS Sales Through Social Media In 2019

How To Boost LMS Sales Through Social Media In 2019

The ‘old school’ marketers may assume that investing in social media is reckless investing. That the social media bubble is bound to burst eventually. However, these tech-savvy organizations have seen a surge in brand loyalty and online reputation. The trick is that social media is not as easy to use as it seems when it comes to promoting your LMS. You need to stay one step ahead of the competition to remain relevant. One wrong move could ruin your entire marketing strategy and cost you the trust of your target demographic. The last thing any company wants is to waste their time and resources on strategies that incur losses rather than rewarding their efforts. Here are 6 tips and tricks to boost LMS sales in 2019 with the help of social media.

1. Incorporate Engaging Videos

Today, people are busier than ever. Visitors want to get the information they need and then go about their day, not spend half an hour reading about the perks of your product and how it can improve their online training program. However, a well-produced video only takes a few minutes to convey the key benefits of your LMS and stress its selling points. Just keep in mind that videos aren’t the ultimate marketing weapon. It takes time to reach your target audience and build that view count. Also, you need to be careful and selective with the videos you choose to have on your social media accounts. Especially if you’re using third-party content or taking a more controversial production approach. There is a fine line between the videos that will bring you users and go viral, and those that will cost you.

2. Have A New Look For The New Year

If you have had the same look the entire year, or even for a couple of years, it may be time for a change. For the new year, consider getting new headers, a new profile picture, and revamping the content on your website. A new look is also a great way to retain current customers and stay relevant in the industry. Ensure that you update your page content at least once a month and your profile every two weeks. You should also post new tips or tricks on social media to provide added value. If you have been posting spam and numerous ads on your account, find a way to make the advertisements more relatable.

3. Work Smart

When it comes to social media, working smart is the best strategy. You need to make sure that you schedule your posts ahead of time. This way, you will have fresh content ready for your readers, even if you’re out of the office. Create a posting schedule that maps out which topics or selling points you need to cover this month. Then write brief blurbs or link to informative articles for each item on the list. Next, select the date and time you want the post to go live. Just make sure that you have people on hand to field questions around the time of launch. For example, followers may want to know more about the responsive features of the LMS that you mentioned in the post.

4. Scope Out The Competition

The best way to get new users and boost LMS sales is by beating your competitors. To do this, you have to make sure that you get ahead of them. Analyze what other LMS companies are doing on their social media pages and see which posts have the most comments or likes. Then follow their lead…with a twist. You need to give your readers original content that promotes your LMS instead of merely rehashing the same ideas. Which means that you have to cover similar topics from a unique sales angle. Highlight how your product can solve a common problem or challenge, or why it stands out from the competition.

5. Build And Cement Your Relationships

What some companies have failed to recognize is that social media is a place to be social. Your followers will have questions and comments about your product. A great way to build relationships is to ensure that you reply to their comments and address any issues they may have about your LMS. Being responsive to social media creates the impression that you care about your customers. It allows them to know you are in the industry to satisfy their needs and not just to make profits. If you are responsive, they are more likely to share your link and ideas with their followers and friends.

6. Host More Live Events

Social media also gives you the ability to host live events to directly engage your target audience. Schedule in advance to raise attendance, or host an impromptu event to surprise loyal followers who frequently check your page. Use a conversational tone and stick and avoid sales gimmicks. This is your chance to reach out to potential customers and show your appreciation to those who’ve already purchased your product.

Social media is a great marketing tool for LMS companies who want to get the word out and interact with their audience. The best part is that it is inexpensive and allows you to cover as much ground as you want. You also have a much easier time reaching your target demographic and staying a cut above the competition.

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