8 Tips To Find An Outsourcing Partner For Sales Enablement Training

Outsourcing Partners For Sales Enablement Training
Summary: Is it time to bring in sales enablement experts to achieve the desired outcomes without breaking the bank? This article features 8 top tips to hire an outsourcing partner for sales enablement training.

How To Make The Right Choice In Sales Enablement Outsourcing

Many companies trudge along, wasting valuable resources, and putting unnecessary strain on their L&D teams, when outsourcing could give them the opportunity to ease the pressure and maximize resource allocation. It’s usually because of the common misconceptions and myths surrounding sales training outsourcing. They assume that it’s out of their price range or they’ll have to give up creative control. However, finding the right outsourcing partner for sales enablement training makes all the difference. So, how do you choose an eLearning content provider that’s just right for your sales enablement training program? Is there a way to vet vendors without pushing back your launch or devoting countless payroll hours to the research process?

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1. Vet Vendors Using An Online Directory

An online directory saves time and stress because all the crucial information is in one location. It’s a starting point to find a vendor in your industry who specializes in sales enablement training. But you must have a clear idea of your expectations, objectives, and budget before you start the search. Then you can use the built-in filters to downsize your shortlist and narrow the scope to qualified candidates. The catch is that you must find an online directory that’s unbiased and includes detailed info about the vendor’s background.

2. Read User Reviews

A top-notch eLearning content provider directory should also have a review and rating system to offer an insider’s perspective. Was the vendor communicative and easy to work with? Did they have the necessary expertise? Did they stick to deadlines? These are all evaluation criteria to consider when choosing sales training solutions to ensure maximum ROI. The likelihood-to-recommend score is also crucial, as it gives you an indication of the vendor’s CX and overall customer service. Avoid online directories with sponsored or paid reviews that only reveal one side of the story.

3. Evaluate Their Portfolio

Every eLearning content provider should have work samples to show off their experience and expertise. This portfolio also allows you to evaluate their design skills and aesthetics. Of course, a talented outsourcing partner can develop content that aligns with your brand image. But the samples help you determine their technical range and breadth of practical know-how. You can always ask for references if you want to verify their credentials after viewing their portfolio.

4. Create An Accurate Outsourcing Budget

I briefly mentioned the outsourcing budget earlier, but it warrants its own section in this article. How much you have to spend influences your decision-making and may even cross top contenders off your list. They might be out of your price range or their payment terms don’t align with your needs. For example, they require half of the costs up front and you’d prefer more evenly dispersed milestones to stretch your resources.

5. Request A Detailed Estimate

Many eLearning content providers offer free sales enablement training quotes. But you should request a detailed estimate from your top choices to deep dive into their pricing. For example, do they offer at least one round of revisions? Is basic customer support included in the cost? Are there any hidden tool costs you must consider when making your final decision? You may want to revisit your budget after the fact to ensure outsourcing is the right option versus developing content internally.

6. Consider A Multi-Solution Provider

The outsourcing partner for sales enablement training should have niche expertise and specialize in sales enablement solutions. However, it’s wise to find a vendor who delivers a wide range of solutions so that you don’t have to hire different companies for every project. For instance, they may also take care of Training Needs Analysis, microlearning, and VR, which are all items on your L&D wish list for the future. Then again, you should avoid companies who stretch their talents thin and offer every training solution on the outsourcing menu. Unless, of course, they can back it up with glowing work samples and references.

7. Preview Their Contract

You don’t have to wait until the last step to read through their contract and examine the fine print. Ask for a copy of their client contract beforehand and consult with legal counsel, if necessary. For instance, are there clauses that limit your input during the development phase? Are the payment terms vague? What are the communication guidelines? Look for any ambiguities or issues that may cause conflict later on.

8. Schedule A Meeting

Set up a meeting with your top sales training solutions vendor to learn more about their work methodologies, team skills, and available tools. Face-to-face may not be an option, but video conferencing can bridge the distance. Make sure all relevant team members are there to address their concerns to the outsourcing partner. You should also clarify the budget, project scope, and online training objectives at this point to verify they’re the perfect match. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be able to quickly sum up what they bring to the table and how they’ll achieve the desired outcomes.

There may be a broad range of outsourcing partners for sales enablement to choose from, but only a handful will check all your boxes. They specialize in your niche, keep the lines of communication open, and work with you to identify underlying issues. The preliminary research may not disclose their work practices or ideologies as it often just brushes the surface. This is why it’s essential to evaluate user ratings and set up a one-on-one meeting. Don’t forget to prepare a list of questions to respect everyone’s time and get the most from your consultation.

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