7 Tips To Host A Successful Compliance Training Bootcamp For Remote Employees

7 Tips To Host A Successful Compliance Training Bootcamp For Remote Employees
Summary: Can you really cram an entire course into a weekend workshop without shortcutting employees’ brains? In this guide, I share tips to host a successful compliance training boot camp for your remote staff.

Top Tips For A Successful Compliance Training Boot Camp

Bootcamps aren’t just for fitness gurus and the armed services. They can also condense compliance issues into a single serving (with a side of video conferencing tools to facilitate remote access). But throwing information at your geographically dispersed employees isn’t the best approach. Especially if you want them to (dare I say) enjoy the experience and remember the takeaways. So, how do host a winning compliance training boot camp that gives them the basics without boring them to tears? Let’s look at 7 tips to help you mitigate risks with live event workshops.

1. Invest In An LMS With Live Video Support

Some event hosts are successful if they just "wing it." They start the live stream and don’t need any script to guide the way. But even these impromptu boot camp pros require a reliable LMS with live video support. A platform that facilitates social interactivity and collaboration. Preferably, one that allows them to record the footage for later viewing. Or even to repurpose it for a certification course.

2. Provide An Event Itinerary In Advance

Give attendees a sneak preview of what you’ll cover during the compliance training boot camp so they can prep in advance. This also gets them excited (or at least interested) about the event. This should be sent along with the invite so that employees can see if it’s the right workshop for them. For example, they may already have the necessary certifications, or the policies don’t pertain to their work duties. Another benefit of a pre-event itinerary is starting an open dialogue with your team. Post it to the social media group and invite their input. Are there any resources they’d like to include? Is there an aspect of the topic that often gets overlooked?

3. Invite Guest Speakers

Guest speakers bring something new to the table. They can share their expertise during the online training boot camp to reduce risks and engage attendees. You can even invite in-house SMEs who offer a new POV. For example, they’ve experienced bullying or discrimination firsthand and can approach it from an emotional perspective. Some guest speakers may draw in a larger crowd because they’re well known in the industry. Just make sure that their popularity doesn’t overshadow the objectives. For instance, employees only attend the event to listen to them and don’t participate in any other boot camp activities.

4. Condense Without Causing Cognitive Overload

The main purpose of a compliance training workshop is to whittle down the information without making it feel disjointed or incomplete. You can’t give employees snippets of the compliance topic and then expect them to delve deeper on their own. The online training boot camp should condense information so employees have the essentials. But it must still be a complete thought. A standalone training experience that provides a comprehensive overview of the policies, rules, and challenges. Keep information on a "need to know" basis to avoid cognitive overload.

5. Allow Plenty Of Time For Q&As

There should be Q&A breaks every so often to allow for clarification. Instead of asking employees to hold their questions until the end, at which point they usually forget. Invite them to share their concerns or queries after a sub-topic or activity. This is also a great time to reflect on what they’ve learned and how it relates to their work roles. You can even have a moderator answer questions throughout the event that fall under their purview. For instance, technical queries or to reiterate information that’s already been covered.

6. Include Anecdotes And Stories

Remote employee training boot camps get everyone in the same virtual room and allow them to interact with peers. However, instructors/managers can share their personal experiences as well. Such as anecdotes and stories that help them better relate to the compliance issue or tie it to their personal lives. For instance, the anecdote shows them that supervisors go through the same struggles. But it also tells them how to overcome the challenge using the available resources. It’s full of insightful tips and tricks to mitigate risks and improve comprehension. They’re also able to see the host’s facial expressions and other non-verbal cues to read between the lines. So, you don’t have to worry about them misunderstanding the tone or meaning behind the story.

7. Give Parting Gifts

A compliance training boot camp may only last a few hours, but the training shouldn’t stop there. Remote employees must have access to ongoing support tools they can use on the job. Tutorials, guides, demo videos, and simulations are great parting gifts. Those who couldn’t make it to the live event can also use these supplemental resources to fill in the blanks and get a moment of need support. You don’t necessarily have to develop these tools from scratch. Repurpose assets you already have or compile a list of relevant links and send it after the fact. Another approach is to invite attendees to develop their own resources and upload them to a learner-generated library. They have to sum up the information in their own words, which reinforces knowledge. While your organization cuts costs and uses in-house talent to facilitate peer-based support.

An online training boot camp shouldn’t overwhelm employees just to cut costs and reduce seat time. The goal is to give them the essentials they need to avoid common risks and stay safe on the job. Thus, trying to cram too much into one event defeats the purpose (and leads to more compliance mishaps). Offer an itinerary so they can prepare and schedule time for Q&As. Then send them home with a parting gift to provide a moment of need support and reinforce what they’ve already learned.

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