7 Tips To Select A System That Delivers The Best LMS Customer Experience Using An Online Directory

7 Tips To Select A System That Delivers The Best LMS Customer Experience Using An Online Directory
Summary: Do you know which LMS provides the ideal support services for your team? Or which has all the LMS features you’re looking for without putting you over budget? In this article, I’ll share 7 tips to use an online directory to find an LMS that offers the best CX.

How To Select A System That Delivers The Best LMS Customer Experience Using An Online Directory

Finding the perfect LMS is no easy task. It requires a comprehensive and often stressful selection process that involves analyzing your current online training strategy and getting input from your team. With competition already steep, LMS vendors are always looking for ways to showcase the unique selling points of their LMS. One such way is through digital marketing on online directories which offer social proof that the LMS offers the best value for money. However, online directories also allow your organization to find a customer-friendly solution that delivers the best LMS customer experience. Here are 7 top tips to use an online directory to vet the LMS vendors and determine which system offers the best LMS customer experience.

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1. Look At Customer Reviews

Online directories allow past users to leave their reviews and ratings. For example, past customers have the opportunity to state what they liked/disliked about the LMS or how they felt about the support options and customer service. You can use their insights to determine if the LMS has what you are looking for or if it’s time to look elsewhere. For example, a reviewer who states that the "vendor took a week to respond to their email" is a major CX red flag. A tell-tale sign that an LMS delivers the best LMS customer experience is high in net promoter scores, as well as "likelihood to recommend" ratings.

2. Use Listings To Determine The Support Services Offered

Listings provide a brief description of the LMS company’s background and the services that they provide. One of the most relevant selling points to look for is customer support. Use listings to compare the different customer services that LMS vendors provide. Consider the availability of their customer service. Is it available 24/7 or just during regular business hours? Is the customer support humanized or will you be talking to a machine every time you encounter an issue? Also, compare the packages offered and their pricing systems. In doing so, you will select the platform with the best LMS customer experience and packages that best suit your budget.

3. Look For Descriptions That Tap Into Consumer Pain Points

An LMS vendor who cares about providing the best LMS customer experience will emphasize how their platform solves problems that consumers face. Tapping into customer pain points in their listing demonstrates that they have done their market research and understand your needs. When using online directories, find an LMS vendor who grasps the current LMS challenges or pain points, and tackles them. They should mention trends or common obstacles that your organization encounters on a regular basis, as well as include frequent software updates as part of the package so that you can maximize the functionality of the tool.

4. Use The Contact Information To Vet LMS Vendors

Online directories contain contact information and business addresses of LMS vendors. Read some customer service descriptions as well as customer reviews. Identify the best out of these and make a list of their contacts. Then take the opportunity to vet the most promising LMS vendors who have the best ratings, scores, and customer testimonials. Before contacting them, ensure that you set up some questions that you will use as a basis to analyze the LMS customer experience and the usefulness of the platform. How LMS vendors respond to your questions and treat you as a prospective customer is a tell-tale sign of their post-purchase service and support.

5. Dig A Little Deeper

Businesses include links to their official websites in an LMS online directory. Take it upon yourself to visit their websites and reach out to them on social media. You should also take a closer look at the features and unique selling points they promote in their listing. Especially those that tie into user-friendliness and customer service, such as:

  • Blended learning support
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities with data visualizations
  • Task automation based on user roles
  • Intuitive User Interface and data migration protocols

6. Weigh Your Top Choices

The eLearning Industry’s LMS directory gives you the chance to compare up to 3 LMS platforms side by side so that you can determine which offers the ideal level of support for your organization, as well as how they stack up in the ratings and reviews department. It’s as simple as choosing a listing, then clicking the “Compare” box. The directory automatically showcases 5 crucial evaluation areas and even gives you the option to get a quote right away.

7. Pay Attention To The Customer Experience Star Rating

Another perk of using the eLearning Industry’s LMS online directory is that it features a separate star rating for the overall LMS customer experience. Past users are able to rate how the LMS fared regarding customer service, support, and other crucial aspects of the CX. You can also learn more about the reviewer’s background, experience level, and niche thanks to the fact that users must log in with their verified LinkedIn profiles. This helps you determine if their LMS customer experience needs and expectations align with your own. For example, if they are in the same industry and have the same LMS focus, their CX rating may carry more weight.

Online directories are an excellent way to narrow your list and see what others have to say about your top choices. Get the most from your research efforts and find a tool that delivers the best LMS customer experience. An online directory also gives you the opportunity to evaluate other aspects of the platform, such as its usability and functionality.

What are the warning signs that you should look for in your current LMS before deciding to buy a new one? Are your top LMS choices going to deliver the superior customer experience you deserve? Download our free eBook LMS Customer Experience: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Complete Package for tips and tricks on how to find the LMS that delivers the best LMS customer experience. It also features insider secrets to help you vet the LMS vendors and identify your expectations beforehand.

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