7 Tips To Use Training Needs Analysis Vendor Reviews To Get Top Value For Money

7 Tips To Use Training Needs Analysis Vendor Reviews To Get Top Value For Money
Summary: Online reviews and ratings offer a behind-the-scenes look at vendor CX and responsiveness. In this guide, I share tips and tricks to boost ROI with the help of training needs analysis company reviews.

How To Use Training Needs Analysis Company Reviews To Boost ROI

Wouldn’t it be great to see how training needs analysis vendors handle customer care before contracting their services? Or if they open the lines of communication and stick to deadlines? Reviews and ratings give you the rare opportunity to hop into a time machine and travel to the post-project future. Well, the next best thing, anyway. Users share their firsthand experiences with TNA outsourcing partners so that you can evaluate the good and the bad without spending a dime. They cover everything from support services to insider expertise. Here are 7 top tips to use training needs analysis vendor reviews to get max value for money, just in case your time machine’s in the shop and you need to find the right TNA partner ASAP.

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7 Tips To Use TNA Vendor Reviews To Your Benefit

1. Start With The Summary Statement

Summaries are brief but they tell you a great deal about the user’s overall experience; if they would work with the vendor again and any major sticking points they encountered during the training needs analysis process. Then they have the chance to expand on their thoughts and highlight unique selling points in the review. Summary statements save time because you can pick and choose reviews that resonate with your training needs or immediately rule out vendors with numerous negative reviews and focus on worthy contenders who can boost ROI.

2. Dive Deeper Into The Overall Rating

Every review features an overall rating that’s comprised of six performance areas, including value for money and achieved results. Though many ratings sites stop at the overall satisfaction score, you must be able to examine all the evaluation criteria individually. For instance, the vendor only received two out of five stars for deadlines. Sticking to a tight schedule is important to your organization. Therefore, this outsourcing partner may not be the best option for your training needs analysis.

3. Evaluate The Benefits And Drawbacks

All of the individual review components are essential, but the pros and cons are the stars of the show. Reviewers share what they liked best and least about their experience with the vendor. The catch is that you may not share the same concerns. For example, the reviewer cites frequent emails and feedback sessions as a negative. They were expecting the vendor to handle all the ins and outs of the project. However, these are standout selling points for you because you want a more hands-on approach. You’re looking for a collaboration with two-way communication and a fully transparent training needs analysis process.

4. Factor In The Reviewer’s Background

Users must provide some basic project details in order to post a review. This includes industry, company size, and experience with the company. The last bit tells you a lot about the outsourcing company’s repeat business. As an example, they’ve worked with the vendor for more than a year and sing high praises about their work ethic. This may indicate that they’ve built a long-term relationship with the TNA consultant and rely on them for all their training solutions.

5. Consider The Likelihood-To-Recommend Scores

Training needs analysis companies must bring their A-game to warrant referrals. You may have a so-so experience with a vendor who achieves the desired results but there’s something missing. That’s why the likelihood to recommend score is so crucial when selecting your training needs assessment outsourcing partner. Low percentages are a major red flag, especially when they’re paired with a long list of negatives and missing stars.

6. Recap Their List Of Training Solutions

One of the final training needs analysis steps is brainstorming solutions to the problem. Training interventions allow you to fill gaps and continually build your strengths. There are two key reasons to review the vendor’s list of solutions after you read all the reviews. Firstly, you need to know that the company understands the training needs analysis process and has a few tricks up its sleeve. Namely, innovative solutions to help you address areas of improvement cost-effectively. Secondly, choosing a TNA partner who also specializes in microlearning, VR simulations, and other content development tasks simplifies outsourcing. You can work with them to achieve your goals and stretch your budget, even after you wrap up the training needs assessment project.

7. Focus On Your TNA Priorities

Every company has unique objectives and goals. The same goes for work practices and TNA expectations. Thus, you should evaluate directory listings based on your top priorities. For example, you’ve had a negative experience with uncommunicative vendors in the past who took days to reply to an email. Thus, you’re looking for training needs assessment providers with high responsiveness ratings. Likewise, you might need an outsourcing partner to help with the cultural adaptation of content and localization for your global team. But off-the-shelf training isn’t on your wish list. These priorities guide your research efforts so that you can expedite the vendor selection process and disclose gaps as soon as possible.


Training needs analysis reviews aren’t the only way to qualify vendors and get maximum ROI. In fact, you should follow up by visiting their landing page, submitting RFPs, and scheduling one-on-one meetings for your top choices. Another cost-effective way to vet candidates is to evaluate online portfolios, which feature sample projects and case studies that highlight their key selling points. There should also be a complete list of solutions to help you find companies that meet all your L&D needs, including bespoke content for training interventions and JIT support tools.

Find a training needs analysis specialist who understands your industry and use case. Search by solutions, customer type, and niche in our online directory, which features the leading training needs assessment vendors in your price range. You can also evaluate the company bio and specialization areas in one convenient location.

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