8 Hassle-Free Ways To Qualify Vendors Before Contracting Training Needs Analysis Services

8 Hassle-Free Ways To Qualify Vendors Before Contracting Training Needs Analysis Services
Summary: Every training needs analysis company has unique skill sets and niche expertise. So, how do you know which vendor has all the necessary qualifications to troubleshoot gaps in your strategy?

How Do You Evaluate Training Needs Analysis Service Providers?

There’s so much to think about when choosing an outsourcing partner. So many training needs analysis questions you must address in your RFPs and follow-up interviews. To be honest, the entire process is overwhelming for most organizations. Even established businesses may struggle with the ins and outs of hiring L&D consultants. Thankfully, there are tried and tested methods to vet training needs assessment companies before signing on the dotted line. Techniques that can help you prevent communication breakdowns and form a long-lasting collaboration with your third-party provider. Below are 7 ways to qualify vendors before contracting the best training needs analysis services to ensure the best ROI.

1. In-House Recommendations

One of the most valuable vendor qualification resources is your own staff. Have they worked with vendors in the past? What was their experience, and would they recommend the TNA service provider? You can also cast the net wider and simply ask for content provider suggestions, then determine if they offer training needs analysis solutions. Another option is to host a live event where employees can discuss potential vendors and provide feedback. At the same time, you can address their outsourcing questions or concerns.

2. Ratings And Reviews

You may not have any on the team who’s worked with training needs analysis companies or you simply want a second opinion. User ratings and reviews help you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each vendor. You can also see how they handled communication, deadlines, and responsiveness. As well as if clients are likely to recommend their services. Look for a reliable rating site so you know you’re getting unbiased opinions.

3. Online Portfolio

Every training needs analysis service provider should have an online portfolio. It’s a bit difficult to post visual training needs analysis examples. For instance, they can’t showcase simulations or modules as they would for other training solutions. Plus, there’s the small matter of client confidentiality. However, vendors can share case studies and broader examples of their training needs analysis methods and work practices. If you plan to contract them for other services, such as microlearning support or bespoke content, include them in your portfolio review. In fact, it’s a good idea to evaluate their complete body of work to get a feel for their design skills and work practices.

4. Landing Page

Visit the vendor’s landing page or website to get a sense of their talents, background experience, and unique selling points. Do they specifically mention training needs analysis services for your industry? Does the site include a client list and/or success stories? Even aesthetics should factor into your decision-making. For example, the layout is chaotic and cluttered with unnecessary images, which is a tell-tale sign of disorganization.

5. Proposals

Submitting RFPs is the best way to receive vendor estimates and discover what they bring to the table. Training needs assessment outsourcing proposals highlight qualifications, pricing, and background experience. So that you can determine which TNA vendors offer top value for money before contract negotiations commence. Keep in mind that proposals are just a rough sketch. For instance, the vendor may charge more if you amend the project scope or request additional support. Or if they need to gather the Big Data independently instead of letting your team tackle that prep task.

6. Vendor Meeting

Schedule a meeting with the company to address your training needs analysis questions. This also allows you to clarify their proposal and broach any concerns you may have. As an example, their price quote was a bit high compared with other vendors. Can they justify the cost difference? Are they flexible about fees? For instance, can they lower it by a certain percentage if you hire them to develop custom content after the TNA?

7. Support Services

This is usually something you discover AFTER hiring an outsourcing partner. But why not test their support services beforehand to avoid future disappointment? Even something as mundane as an email can help you gauge their level of customer care and responsiveness. Do they take a week to reply and, even then, the response doesn’t answer your question? Or do they follow up promptly with total professionalism? In most cases, vendors treat prospects the same way they would clients. They should always treat you like a VIP. Mishandling CX before they’ve even won you over is a major red flag.

8. Test Project

Training needs analysis examples show you how they’ve handled past projects. However, you can hire them for a test TNA to evaluate their skills and experience firsthand. Stick with a targeted training topic that is, for the most part, already in good shape. Outline your goals and objectives. Then supply them with all the data they need or allow access to your LMS so they can mine it themselves. In the end, they must present their findings and training recommendations. As well as walk you through their work process so you can see how they arrived at their conclusions. Finally, meet with your team to analyze the vendor’s finished product and gather their feedback.


Training needs analysis vendors aren’t all cut from the same cloth. It’s not that they lack the necessary talents or tools. But every company has its own strong suits and niche know-how. The key is to look for companies that are already familiar with your industry and use case. Experienced outsourcing partners who work with you to achieve the best outcomes instead of taking control of the entire project. Collaboration and communication are essential for training needs assessment outsourcing success.

Invest wisely in a training needs assessment company that understands your objectives and spending limits. Our online directory has all the top names in TNA outsourcings. You can even filter results by specialization areas and solutions to save time and streamline vendor vetting.