eBook Release: Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips

A Full Guide For Corporate Training

Video-based learning has already made its appearance in corporate eLearning. It's considered to be a greatly acknowledged eLearning trend, gaining more and more followers every day. Individuals get bits of video learning even outside the corporate, eLearning world, so they're already familiar with it. How's that?

Well, imagine you want to prepare and bake a turkey for Thanksgiving, but you don't know how. Some years ago, you would search manually in one of your cooking books, but now you can have access to a great variety of videos on YouTube, demonstrating the whole process step-by-step. Now make the connection to the corporate world. Employees won't be interested in reading voluminous, colorless, and chaotic books to be trained on the new compliance policies, for instance. They will opt for video material that they can access with the click of a button—constantly being engaged with the information from start to finish.

eBook Release: Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training
eBook Release
Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training
Find out how to create fit-for-purpose, high-impact video learning.

However, video learning practices for corporate training must be adjusted to eLearning professionals' needs. Nowadays, it's indeed a piece of cake to produce and deliver videos. Even a 10-year old can record a video and upload it online. I'm sure you've come across tons of how-to videos from young ones—some of them are even high-quality. That's not enough, however, when it comes to corporate training and eLearning needs for businesses.

If you distribute low-quality, video-based learning chunks of online training, you will face an enormous disaster with serious repercussions regarding your employee engagement and performance. The fresh eBook by Obsidian Learning, Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training, provides valuable insights on learning with videos. They are accompanied by case studies, useful tips, and concrete strategies that you can apply to create fit-for-purpose, high-impact video learning.

Taking A Closer Look At The eBook: Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips

Get the chance to discover more about the hot topic of learning through videos by finding all the information you need in this amazingly detailed eBook. As stated above, to create a compelling and effective learning experience with ultimate outcomes using video-based practices, you must have all the necessary know-how. Make your video learning stand out and make your learners want more by analyzing and designing top-notch pieces of online training.

Learners find it more engaging to be trained through video. The reasons behind it are simple, yet clear. Complicated topics and concepts can be easily consumed through short learning videos, which do not only teach, but also inspire learners and help them retain knowledge. Video-based learning can be used to demonstrate processes through simple animations, and at the same time, they can entertain and keep a fun tone throughout. They are also good value for money, easy to create and share amongst your organization. If implemented correctly, they can provide numerous benefits for your business, without causing serious pain points to your budget.

More specifically, download the eBook Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training to get one step closer to thriving when it comes to using and implementing video learning for corporate training. The eBook features all the best practices, tips and tricks you need, such as:

  • How Video-Based Learning Impacts The Future Of Corporate Training
  • 3 Key Benefits Of Video-Based Learning You Should Not Ignore
  • 4 Applications Of Corporate Training Videos That Can Transform Your Workforce
  • 5 Integral Elements Of Emotionally and Socially Engaging Learning Videos
  • 5 Vital Steps To Create Appealing Corporate Training Videos
  • 7 Dos And Don'ts To Design and Deliver Successful Video-Based Learning
  • Essential Criteria For Choosing The Right Video-Based Learning Model
  • Measuring The Impact Of Video Learning on Your Corporate Training ROI

If you focus on putting these tips into practice and taking into consideration all the best practices, you will achieve your ultimate goals when it comes to video-based learning. You will soon be able to reap all the best rewards by facilitating your employees' learning journey at the same time. A video-based learning online training can, by all means, inspire, engage, and increase the motivation of your employee training participants without a doubt. Instead of just throwing lengthy texts at your employees to memorize, give video-learning a shot.

Video-Based Learning In Corporate Training Never Looked So Amazing!

Speaking of learning using videos in corporate training, I should highlight that even the most complicated pieces of training content can be simplified and presented in a lighter way. This might be one of the most significant benefits that can attract employee training participants as well as eLearning professionals who want to provide for their businesses. Make online training more attractive, make the information easier to digest, process, and recall. There are definitely challenges that must be addressed, but video-based learning, when done correctly, is the go-to for every modern organization that truly cares about the quality of online training it offers to its employees. Reduce training costs, time, feelings of boredom and material clutter by investing in video-based learning. Download the captivating eBook Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training and discover all its best practices for corporate training.

eBook Release: VIVAHR
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