7 Visual Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Company's Conversions

7 Visual Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Company's Conversions
Summary: Are your marketing materials falling flat or catching the eye? In this article, I’ll share 7 visual marketing tips that can help you appeal to your target audience and increase online conversions.

7 Visual Marketing Tips To Catch The Eye Of Your Audience And Increase Conversions

Technological advancements have made it easier for brands to market their products and services online. This has brought about changes in marketing trends, with visual marketing taking the lead. However, not all visual content has the capability of converting leads, especially in the eLearning industry. Consistency in visual content is key when it comes to marketing eLearning software and services. Creating infographics and other forms of content is crucial in online marketing, but how do you stand out? Below is a list of the top visual marketing tips that eLearning software vendors and service providers should know.

1. Personalize Content

Chances are, there are several other eLearning companies offering the same services, which makes it a competitive field. To stand out, you need to deliver personalized content that appeals to your target audience. If you are marketing your software or service through social media, it is wise to target a specific group. This could be through age, interests, location and so on. For example, prospects from certain regions of the globe may find your image off-putting or offensive. Or they may not be familiar with the icons or visual metaphors you’re using to promote your product. The key is to give your audience a personalized experience that makes them feel like you are specifically addressing them instead of everyone else.

2. Sum Up USPs And Benefits With Infographics

Infographics are a great way to showcase your product or service to your target audience. This could feature the reason why they should sign up for your product or service and how it works. Or a detailed overview of the USPs that set your product apart from the rest. Infographics are memorable and share-worthy, which means that you can quickly expand your market reach. There are plenty of infographic templates to save you some time. Or you can use your own marketing infographic template that features your logo and color scheme.

3. Videos That Go Viral

Online marketing has taken the world to the next level, making it easy for eLearning companies to reach out to their clients and users across continents. Sharing videos online, including social media, is much better than most forms of visual marketing. Your promo videos could feature how to use the software or service, how it works, and why it is valuable to your target audience. The secret is to produce a video that goes viral so that prospects share it across their online network. Find a creative angle that makes it seem more like a mini-movie than a visual sales pitch.

4. Adopt A Visual Marketing Style

Once you define your niche, the services/products you offer and your brand value, it is time to make sure you remain relevant. This can be done by staying consistent with everything you share online, be it on your website or social media platforms. Make sure your visual content is unique and accurately represents your brand. Prospects should be able to immediately recognize your visual marketing style. They know that you always use the same font type, color palette, and marketing message, as all your visual elements have a distinct flair. You might even consider a central theme that runs through your entire marketing campaign. For example, create a character who serves as your virtual spokesperson and enhances not on the visual appeal of your content, but its relatability.

5. Slideshare For Social Media

Slideshare is a great way of showcasing your products or services online, especially in social media. High-quality Slideshare presentations are likely to get more engagement and allow you to speak to your audience directly, instead of relying solely on text-based marketing content. Create engaging presentations based on audience’s interests and needs, then encourage them to share the resource across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Always include a Call-to-Action button to generate more leads to your site and increase your online conversion rate.

6. Avoid Gimmicks And Controversial Subject Matter

Some marketers make the mistake of grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, such as including controversial photos that make readers take notice but run the risk of diminishing their brand image. You should also avoid sales gimmicks that off put leads and make them feel like they’re being pressured into a sale. Effective visual marketing content is subtle but still eye-catching. It prompts people to click on your landing page so that they can learn more about your brand, but it doesn’t make them feel alienated or uncomfortable.

7. Screenshots Are Worth A Thousand Words

If you’re promoting eLearning software, screenshots give you the ability to showcase your product in action. People want to know what they’re getting into. Especially when it involves a significant investment or long-term commitment. A screenshot gives them a detailed sneak peek into your interface and how to use the features that you’re touting. Include a brief caption or explanation that links your USPs to real-world benefits. For example, the screenshot shows them the user dashboard. Include captions that explain how each element enhances the user-friendliness of your platform and can help them improve their design process. Or include links to relevant online training tutorials and demos that bring your dashboard to life.

Additionally, make sure that your company's social media pages and accounts have aesthetic appeal. This means that your cover photo, profile photo and page description distinguish your brand and breed familiarity. Always remember that your audience will define you in accordance with what you share and what you stand for. As such, your visual marketing techniques should accurately reflect your identity and establish trust. Instead of simply trying to achieve the ‘shock’ factor.

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