7 Ways To Get Employee Buy-In For Your New Performance Management Online Training Program

7 Ways To Get Employee Buy-In For Your New Performance Management Online Training Program
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Summary: Nobody really likes change. So, you may get some resistance when it’s time to launch your new performance management online training program. In this article, I share 7 tips to get employee buy-in and improve active participation.

Performance Management Training: How To Get Your Employees On Board

Let’s be honest, performance management online training isn’t one of your employees’ favorite things. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from warm woolen mittens and whiskers on kittens. This is because it involves a lot of self-reflection and personal evaluation. They must identify areas for improvement, as well as strengths to continually develop their talents. However, a new performance management online training program can help them increase on-the-job productivity and be the best they can be. Even if it is a sometimes cathartic process. Here are 7 ways to get employees on board so that they truly benefit from your new online training strategy.

7 Ways To Get Employee Buy-In Today

1. Host An Event To Kick Things Off With Full Transparency

Schedule a live online training event before launching your new performance management online training to clear the air. Employees have the ability to address any concerns they have and ask questions. This also gives you the chance to be fully transparent about what your new strategy involves and how employees are expected to participate. For example, they need to know that a whole new round of certifications is in store. As well as more social learning tools that require their active collaboration. The key to buy-in is making your employees feel like they are part of something bigger. That their ideas are taken into consideration and play a vital role in your eLearning development process.

2. Make Them Aware Of The Practical Benefits Involved

Employees are more likely to buy-in to the next performance management online training program when you address one crucial question. Which is: what’s in it for them? Make them aware of the practical benefits they can expect. Such as the skills you are going to build and how they translate into the workplace. Or which performance issues you are going to cover and why this is so crucial for on-the-job productivity. Be specific so that they get excited about the new benefits your online training program will bring.

3. Welcome Their eLearning Feedback With Open Arms (And Minds)

Many organizations make the mistake of treating online training like a monologue. They’re giving employees the online training resources they need, but don’t solicit any eLearning feedback. What you need is an open dialogue with your employees to get their input and act on it. Welcome their opinions and thoughts regarding past performance management issues. Then use the information to continually hone your online training strategy and customize your internal marketing tools. If they had a major issue with the lack of interactivity in your past online training courses, focus on how this new performance management online training features simulations, branching scenarios, and other immersive experiences.

4. Assess To Reveal Undisclosed Pain Points

Another great way to get eLearning feedback without soliciting it directly is to assess your employees beforehand. Offer them pop quizzes to detect pain points and see how you can address them in your new performance management online training strategy. Employees will buy-in to the new program if they know it is a step up from what they’ve seen before. Not merely a recycled version of past online training content that, once again, brushes over common areas for improvement. They need to know that the new performance management online training strategy is going to touch on personal pain points and gaps better than this iteration.

5. Offer Sneak Previews

Give employees a brief taste of what’s to come with course sneak previews. It could be a 5-minute peek of a serious game or newest online training simulation. The key is to get them enthusiastic about your new performance management online training strategy and set the mood ahead of time. They know which topics are going to be addressed, the level of interactivity, and their level of involvement. You can also pair the sneak previews with follow-up eLearning feedback sessions to get their honest input. For instance, conduct a focus group or survey to see what they thought of the new skill-building podcast series based on the first episode.

6. Launch A Social Media Group To Build The Buzz Beforehand

Social media groups help you spread the word about your new performance management online training program and get employees actively involved early on. They have the ability to discuss the new online training course, predict how it will help them to improve performance, and offer eLearning feedback. You can find out what they expect from performance management online training and adjust your strategy accordingly. This is also a great opportunity to spark online discussions and share the latest online resources and updates. For instance, host the live pre-launch event I mentioned earlier, then carry the conversation over to the social media group. Employees can share their thoughts about the event’s topics and interact with remote co-workers to feed one another’s enthusiasm.

7. Get Managers And Team Leaders Onboard

Managers set the tone. If they’re excited about the benefits your new performance management online training program can offer, employees will follow suit. The buzz is likely to spread like wildfire. Invite your team leaders to join a closed group or attend monthly events that keep them informed. Get them onboard by gathering their eLearning feedback and giving them access to tools in advance. For example, tutorials that show them how to use the new LMS. Or videos that feature a brief overview of the online training courses you’re developing and how they translate in the real world.


You can only do so much when it comes to engaging employees and promoting active participation. They must be willing and ready to delve into the eLearning development process and overcome assumptions/preconceptions that are holding them back. Use this article to get their buy-in and build the excitement before, during, and after performance management online training.

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