How To Use Twitter For Social Learning

How To Use Twitter For Social Learning
Summary: I was never a huge fan of Twitter and I didn't see how a person could express himself in 140 characters, but apparently, Twitter has many benefits when it comes to reaching your learners.

There is so much information on it that is easily accessible, bite-sized and you can find virtually everything you need! If you don't yet have a Twitter account, I will not try to convince you, but if you want to make learning easier, more fun and more appealing to young and tech-savvy learners, here is all you need to know about Twitter.

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8 Tips On How To Use Twitter For Social Learning

  1. Create An Informative List of Resources
    Before you begin, create a list of things you want to provide as information to your learners. Think what will be interesting, engaging and re-tweetable. Chunk it and post regularly, so you keep the interest of your learners.
  2. Create Learning Hashtags
    Come up with a #hash tag with the help of which learners will be able to feedback and communicate on your materials.
  3. Create Learning Topics
    Create topics, making use of the hashtags. In Twitter you can also create regular Twitter chat events. Don't forget to encourage your learners by liking, re-tweeting and commenting on relevant tweets they share.
  4. Create Learning Lists
    You can create your own learning lists which basically is a curated group of Twitter users. This way you and your learners will be able to see the stream of your group’s tweets.
  5. Learn How To Search
    Twitter has a powerful and accurate search engine that will help you get the information you need most. Get familiar with the Twitter trail.
  6. Follow The Influencers
    Get in touch and follow interesting people from your field of study – eLearning Developers, Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, Professors and other experts – see what they share and what gets re-tweeted. Think about the things your learners will find interesting and will want to re-tweet.
  7. Re-Tweet
    Re-tweet and share everything you want your learners to know. Don't forget to encourage them by liking, re-tweeting and commenting on relevant tweets they share.
  8. Favorite
    Show your appreciate by favorite a tweet. You will encourage the poster of the original Tweet by let him/her know that you liked the tweet. Also, by doing so you can save the Tweet for later review.

As eLearning Professionals your bread and butter is to be up on educational technology developments. Like it or not, you will see Twitter almost everywhere these days, so why not make use of it?

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