7 Innovative Ways To Reach Out To Your Email Marketing List Using eLearning

Innovative Ways To Reach Out To Your Email Marketing List Using eLearning
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Summary: You've worked hard to build your database through opt-ins, events, and social media engagement. In this article, I share 7 creative ways to put your email marketing list to good use.

How To Reach Out To Your Email Contacts Using eLearning

Do you have a list of prospective clients but you are not sure how to engage them? You can have a huge database filled with new leads and clients' email addresses, but it's rendered useless unless you have a proper email marketing campaign to target them. That's why you need to take strategic steps when it comes to engaging with your email marketing list. The key is having the right tools to truly engage prospective clients and convince them to sign up for your service, as well as a well-thought-out product marketing strategy that personalizes every stage of the customer journey. These tips can be highly effective for SaaS marketers that are new to the game of lead magnets.

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Email Marketing List Tips To Engage New Leads And Current Clients

As an eLearning marketer, your job is to ensure that you're constantly adding new contacts to your email lists. By doing so, you continuously enhance company growth. While purchasing email campaigns is always an option, you should have your own email marketing strategy in place. In this post, you'll find high-quality strategies to help you grow your email list. The goal is to help you get a large audience of subscribers and keep nurturing them with interesting content. Ultimately, a good email marketing campaign will get subscribers eager to hear what you have to say. And if all goes well, they'll want to make purchases and contribute to your business growth.

Here are 7 innovative ways you can reach out to your email marketing list.

1. Videos

In today's digital age, no one has time to read through pages of content. So, rather than sending case studies of clients that have used your service or product, why not have a video testimonial? You can have your clients send in testimonials highlighting how your product has helped their business. For example, clients can share how your LMS or authoring tool has helped them. Or maybe they've found great value in your training content. You need to spread the word about it! They can mention in the video how user-friendly your eLearning solutions are. This video can be circulated amongst your prospective clients, coaxing them to go with your service. The videos don't have to stop with just client testimonials. You can improve customer satisfaction with the help of videos featuring common issues that customers may come across with your system, and tips to troubleshoot them. These can be basic, like settings issues, or how to customize the system to suit their needs.

If you want to learn more about testimonials, here are some extra tips on how to start getting more customer reviews for your eLearning company.

2. Monthly Email Newsletter Campaigns

The eNewsletter is something of interest to both prospective and existing clients. You want to keep them informed about your eLearning solutions. Provide monthly updates or tips on how they can further enhance their experience or share exclusive promotions, such as discounted upgrades or add-ons. Develop a separate email campaign for prospects that showcases your USPs and offers advice on how to choose the ideal pricing plan. The content should be value-added instead of solely for sales purposes. Remember, you want to build a rapport so that they become loyal customers. Focus on the email newsletter design to improve the engagement rate. Why not offer them a free online course every now and then?

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3. Live Event Invites

You can use your email marketing list to send prospective clients a link to RSVP for your upcoming live event which is exclusively for them. The event can be basic training for your product. For instance, you might like to showcase how your LMS or authoring tool can help enhance their online training courses. Explain just how easy it is to use your platform with a live demonstration. Another great eLearning marketing event idea is to invite industry experts to guest-host and offer their insights. Or you could simply invite them to a free online course so that they can test out your expertise.

4. Client Referral Program

Why not use your current clients as a marketing tool? You can entice them with free services or even discounts on the services they avail. Possibly, offering them 10% off their next bill can entice them to recommend your eLearning solution to a friend. A well-thought-out referral program can drive a lot more business your way. You can promote the referral program with the help of your email marketing list and get new leads. Send them an intro letter explaining the perks and how to participate. Then follow up with friendly reminders that feature social media links to share with their network.

5. Personalized Promotions

Email different promotional items to your clients, from discounts to free services which can be included with their sign-ups. Be innovative with it. For example, if you charge for in-house training of your LMS, offer it for free. This is definitely something clients would appreciate, as it will allow all their employees to become more familiar with your system and improve functionality, thereby boosting value for money regarding your tool. Here are a few ways to write more effective email promos to send to prospects on your email marketing list:

  • Emails are personal. Adding a personal touch makes the email more meaningful to the client.
  • Make the message engaging. It should make the client want to reply so that you start a dialogue.
  • Add a call to action. This will drive them to the desired information about your services.
  • Make it mobile-friendly. Most people check emails on their mobile devices, so make sure they can access them properly.
  • Do not overdo it with the emails by sending out more than one message per week. Otherwise, they may just mark your emails as spam. ¬†Better use the¬†email marketing calendar.

Need more ideas? Take a look at the best email drip campaign examples to promote your eLearning business.

6. Share-Worthy Infographics

Make sure to post infographics on your blog that are share-worthy. You can do the same on your social media page, or send them via email newsletters. Cover interesting topics that aren't directly sales-related, such as "the top 5 online training obstacles and tips to overcome them." Or include surprising stats regarding employee turnover, as it relates to online training. Of course, there's a call to action and links to your product landing page at the bottom, as well as a "share" icon that encourages subscribers to post the infographic on their own social media accounts.

7. Social Media Polls

Post a poll on your social media page that helps you gather feedback and engages your subscribers. For instance, ask them what they don't like about their current eLearning software. Then use the data to customize your marketing strategy, such as highlighting how your system addresses these pain points and why it's a more viable investment. You can even create more lighthearted polls just for the sake of fostering a connection. As an example, inquire about their favorite hobbies or personal interests, or what they enjoy most about their profession.

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If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, then you need to employ the right strategy for your eLearning tools and services. You need to blend innovation with a more orthodox approach. Find a balance and use it to make your email marketing campaign more engaging and effective. For example, send out a video demo that offers valuable tips, then follow up with a personalized message to build a rapport with your prospects.

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