Why Your Corporate Training Business Should Focus On Being Featured In An eLearning Top List

Why Your Corporate Training Business Should Focus On Being Featured In An eLearning Top List
Summary: An eLearning top list gathers all the leading corporate training solutions in one place. But is it really a crucial part of your online marketing strategy?

How Can A Featured Placement In An eLearning Top List Benefit Your Business?

Being featured in an eLearning business top list is no small feat. Only the best of the best make the cut. But those who do reap plenty of rewards since hundreds of thousands of qualified leads visit niche websites every month to find the ideal solution. You have the opportunity to build brand awareness and hit your sales targets, regardless of your marketing budget.

In this article, I share some insider tips on how to get considered for a top list in the eLearning industry. First, let’s go over some of the reasons why eLearning businesses should even try to earn a coveted spot.

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5 Benefits Of Being Featured In A Top List As An eLearning Expert

Boost Conversions And Increase Website Traffic

eLearning buyers that visit top lists have already shown their buying intent. That’s why they’re taking the time to peruse the list and pre-qualify vendors. As a result, getting a top position on a list helps you boost conversions and drive targeted traffic to your site.

Many prospects are at the stage where they’re ready to make a buying decision. Each eLearning top list points them in the right direction based on their price range, L&D priorities, and objectives, but the perks of getting a featured placement don't end there. Best of all, you can run your own marketing campaigns to promote your well-deserved award win!

Build Trust With Your Target Audience

It's no secret that people want to buy from brands that they can trust. However, to support you are trustworthy, you need evidence. Winning business awards and achieving recognition is a proven tactic for establishing social proof. Hence, getting a featured placement and a badge is one of the best ways to validate your brand. When you get a stamp of approval from a prestigious and recognizable source, you've even more to gain by showing it off on your website. So, if you have a chance to earn a badge, go for it.

An eLearning top list is only as successful as the company behind it. For this reason, it’s crucial to get a featured placement on a site that’s an industry thought leader with a solid reputation. This allows you to build trust with your target audience.

As an example, over 250,000 eLearning professionals have read eLearning Industry's Top Lists. Other software providers and content developers have earned their spot…and you can too! Of course, there are plenty of awards you can pursue.

All you have to do is offer value to your customers and become a niche expert for certain use cases. One thing is certain, awards are important and your business should want to win them.

Stand Out From The Competition

Only a select few corporate training businesses make it onto the top eLearning lists in this ever-evolving industry. Therefore, you stand out from the competition in two crucial ways.

Firstly, users check top lists to find the best eLearning solutions and add them to their shortlist while those omitted from the list are more likely to slip through the virtual cracks. Secondly, you have the opportunity to highlight use cases and reach your niche eLearning market. In other words, prove why your eLearning business is a cut above the rest.

So, when prospects search on Google for the "X Top Software" or the "X Use Case Solution," they'll probably land on one of those top lists. This gives a great boost to your brand awareness. What's more, plenty of those lists become Google featured snippets as well. Doesn't get better than that, right?

Stretch Your Marketing Resources

You may have the best eLearning solutions and provide stellar service but promoting your USPs can be challenging, particularly if you’re working with limited marketing resources. However, a great way to stretch your budget is to be featured on a top industry list, given that many qualified leads rely on these lists for software comparisons.

For example, leads may not be aware of your brand until they check out the top list, which prompts them to visit your landing page and learn more about your products or services.

Improve SEO And Your Backlinking Strategy

Another key reason to get featured in a top eLearning list is to improve online visibility. Most lists include targeted keywords and SEO so that qualified leads encounter your eLearning business first. The search engines recognize that it’s a credible source of information and that you’re associated with an industry authority. That said, you've got more to gain especially if you manage to get top rankings.

What's more, such lists might also highlight and mention your top resources on a specific topic. So, you get to expand your reach by increasing awareness around articles, eBooks, and webinars. Hence, this is yet another great opportunity to show off your niche expertise.

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3 Tips To Be Considered For A Corporate Training Business Top List

Publish Targeted Content To Get Noticed By Niche Websites

One of the best ways to be featured in an eLearning top list is to become an industry thought leader, share your expertise, and build awareness for your corporate training business. You might consider publishing articles that center on hot eLearning topics.

Your content efforts don't need to stick to your website. In fact, you might also enjoy blogging about eLearning and HR solutions on other niche platforms or even write articles about business and growth-related topics.

Targeted posting gives you the chance to engage with your audience and provide value-added content. For example, you can showcase valuable services/products by offering tips or addressing customer pain points, or share buying tips to help them mitigate risks and avoid common mistakes. In this way, you get to leverage new channels to promote your value proposition. Plus, you'll have the chance to expand your audience reach outside your circle of influence.

If you manage to publish content on a site that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, your reputation will skyrocket!

Strengthen Your Social Proof

Top eLearning companies have built a successful reputation that's based on trust and credibility. They value CX, support, and service. As such, you should focus on establishing social proof for your brand. After all, prospects always check for reviews and ratings before making their decision!

For example, you can encourage customers to leave reviews based on their experiences. If you do receive constructive criticism, follow up as soon as possible to show that you prioritize customer care. You might leave a comment or send them an email to rectify the situation.

Above all, ensure that your review solicitations are above board. For instance, your corporate training business should never lash out at negative reviews or try to undermine another service provider's reputation.

Submit An Application For eLearning Industry's Top Lists

Our Top List committee invites any corporate training business that has an interest in a featured placement to submit an application. Experts will use selection criteria to compile the list and notify companies who will be featured. Then, you have the opportunity to provide more info about your product or service, such as standout selling points and benefits.

Keep in mind that the review team considers several factors ranging from published content, online reputation, consistent messaging, and directory listing status. Therefore, you should list your software or content development services in the exclusive directory beforehand. It only takes a few minutes to register your eLearning company.

Finally, if you want to qualify for an eLearning top list award here's what you need to do:


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