Top Content Providers For Team-Building Training (2024 Update)

The Best Team-Building Training Content Providers (2024 Update)
Summary: Team-building training programs provide your workforce with a better understanding of leadership roles, behaviors, and team dynamics. All the companies on this top list have the tools to help you manage, lead, and develop strong teams, even when working remotely. Let's see who ranked No. 1!

The Best Team-Building Training Content Providers

Like it or not, team building is here to stay. Why? Because effective teams that communicate well are the ones that usually produce the most impressive results. Do you want to create high-performing teams? Then, implementing one of the best team-building training programs in your organization is critical. Especially now that many companies have gone hybrid and offer remote working flexibility, teams need to be united and fight for common goals no matter where they are. Such types of training will help your employees exhibit accountability and find purpose. Also, team-building training content can reinforce cohesiveness and boost collaboration among team members. In addition, you can leverage team-building topics to turn a dysfunctional group into a productive team. Or you can even make a good team better!

To make things easier for you, in this top list, we decided to gather the best team-building training content providers. This shortlist will undoubtedly aid you in improving team effectiveness, performance, and communication. Most importantly, it'll help you meet your business objectives through collaboration.

Let's see who won!

List Rankings: Here Are The Top Team-Building Training Companies

The Best Team-Building Training Content Providers

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4.9/5 (53 reviews)
Strengthen Relationships And Increase Team Productivity And Capacity With SweetRush

Clients trust SweetRush to help their leaders and teams become more connected, innovative, and aligned on their shared purpose. They also help L&D managers build their teams with L&D talent. From skills to capacity, SweetRush can help!

Reach out to SweetRush to discover their transformative team-building learning solutions and workshops or to learn more about L&D staff augmentation.

Do you want to see what clients really think about working with them?

Explore SweetRush reviews in our directory.


  • Leadership And Power Skills
  • Team Connection
  • Staff Augmentation


  • Leadership And Power Skills

Effective teams need connected leaders and "power skills" (communication, empathy). SweetRush's custom learning facilitates mental model shifts necessary to level up these skills.

  • Team Connection

Teams with mutual understanding are more likely to achieve company goals when they can utilize creativity and innovation. The Team Connection workshop by SweetRush helps teams authentically connect and care.

  • Staff Augmentation

Need to build your own L&D team with capacity or specialized skills? Their Talent Solutions team has an experienced pool of talented L&D pros ready to help!


SweetRush recently won two Gold CLO awards for leadership and team-building programs, following 23 Gold wins at the Brandon Hall awards. Their high-impact solutions have helped clients in banking/finance, technology, consulting, and nonprofit industries.

2. EI
4.8/5 (94 reviews)
Emotionally Intelligent Solutions Τhat Support Αnd Build High-Performance Teams

EI helps organizations build high-performing, diverse teams through emotionally intelligent learning solutions. Their solutions drive deeper engagement and collaboration that fuel team building and a lifelong learning culture.

Contact EI to create learning experiences that promote DEI and support high-performance teams even in the hybrid workplace.

Make sure to explore reviews for EI in our directory!


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Better Collaboration With eBridge
  • Learning Strategies For Team Building


  • Emotional Intelligence

Their learner-centric approaches will help you build learning experiences that drive deeper engagement and a collaborative environment where employees learn and grow together.

  • Better Collaboration With eBridge

eBridge, a tool developed by EI, will help you build a high-performance environment that enables teams to self-organize and enhance their performance.

  • Learning Strategies For Team Building

With diversity and accessibility at their core, they have a range of solutions that support team building and leadership development, even in the hybrid workplace.


EI's proprietary tool, eBridge, has won multiple Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. It helps organizations support and build high-performance teams by promoting transparency, collaboration, recognition, learning, and achievement through comprehensive dashboards.

4.8/5 (56 reviews)
Corporate Team Building That Gets Results

They drive business success by focusing on User Experience, data analytics, high-quality Instructional Design, and new design components. Do you want to increase learner engagement and improve performance with the right team-building learning solutions?

Take a closer look at how AllenComm learning solutions can help take your team to the next level: Nordic Naturals Brand Training Example.

Explore AllenComm reviews in our directory.


  • Performance Consulting
  • Learning Transformation And ID Expertise
  • Award-Winning Learning Solutions


  • Performance Consulting

They can help you design strategic learning solutions to scale talent readiness and drive change by identifying and analyzing learner and business needs.

  • Learning Transformation And ID Expertise

AllenComm supports your business by building innovative learning solutions. Be it easy navigation or engaging content, they create training that works. You don't have to worry about content management and distribution. They help you manage and update course content across many platforms, languages, or brands.

  • Award-Winning Learning Solutions

Empower your workforce with their impactful learning solutions. They have worked on plenty of award-winning projects (400+ client awards and counting).


AllenComm partnered with Nordic Naturals to develop a blended learning solution that supported the company values and spurred positive performance actions.

4. eWyse
4.9/5 (27 reviews)
Creating Interactive And Engaging Projects Perfect For Team-Building Training

eWyse has experience in creating courses that captivate learners' attention and don't take too much of their time. They can create team-building projects from scratch, as well as help you adapt your existing training programs.

Contact eWyse whether you have a project in mind already or you are only getting interested in the idea. They will help either way.

If you want to learn more about working with them, make sure to read eWyse reviews in our directory.


  • Blended Learning
  • Custom Approach
  • Gamification


  • Blended Learning

As they are experienced in both, they can develop eLearning and face-to-face solutions for your team-building requirements depending on your desires and needs.

  • Custom Approach

eWyse approaches every client with their specific requirements in mind and adjusts its solutions for the project accordingly, depending on the target audience and company structure.

  • Gamification

Gaming elements in courses are their expertise. They can encourage healthy competitiveness as well as teamwork and cooperation, and therefore are excellent team-building tools.


eWyse cooperates with various large and small companies and nonprofit organizations from all parts of the world. Their custom and step-by-step approach allows them to adapt to every client's needs. eWyse's case studies tell about successful projects and happy clients. Visit their website to learn more.

4.3/5 (2 reviews)
ELB Learning Helps You Deliver Learning That Builds Team Unity And Skills

They offer a comprehensive suite of eLearning products and services to help you conquer your training challenges—from games that build team camaraderie to interactive learning experiences that build skills and increase work productivity.

Visit ELB Learning to schedule a free consultation or start a free trial of one of their learning software tools.

Want to learn more about working with them? Visit our directory to read ELB Learning reviews.


  • Customizable Games
  • Off-The-Shelf Training
  • Custom-Built Learning


  • Customizable Games

Choose from 10 game templates. Customize in an easy online editor. Publish to the web, any authoring tool, or an LMS. Your team can compete against each other or themselves.

  • Off-The-Shelf Training

Help your team hone interpersonal skills like communication and conflict resolution with modern off-the-shelf courses.

  • Custom-Built Learning

ELB Learning's award-winning team can create tailored learning experiences that resonate with your employees and help them work better together.


Any industry will benefit from having cohesive teams that work well together. Help bring your team up to speed with better learning experiences. Whether you want to build them yourself, buy off the shelf, or contract out for a custom solution, ELB Learning can help.

Compare Top Content Providers For Team-Building Training
Do you want to create high-performing strong teams? Explore our directory to read reviews and compare top content providers.

eLearning Industry's Company Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our Editorial team, thoroughly reviewed each vendor's eligibility. More specifically, we've checked each eLearning company's website. And we made sure they had relevant published content, including articles, eBooks, and webinars, to reach a final conclusion.

Our committee ranked the best content providers that are experts in developing team-building training programs by focusing on the following eight criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Quality of content development
  • Expertise in learning solutions

This top list lets you review the best content providers for team-building training content. For those looking for different topics on training their teams, feel free to visit our directory and filter eLearning companies by use case to find the best fit. We guarantee you that there's a training partner for every single one of your corporate training needs.

Undoubtedly, eLearning Industry's shortlist for team-building training companies will prove to be a gold mine for managers and supervisors that want to excel and improve communication and team productivity. Before choosing which eLearning company would be the best partner to help you with your team-building training content and initiatives, please make sure to read all about the benefits of team-building training programs below. I'm sure that all the extra tips and insights will add to your decision-making process. Hopefully, implementing team-building training for your employees will help build better teams and improve performance and communication within departments.

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What Is Team-Building Training?

Team-building training and workshops are all about maximizing your team's potential working as a group. When you hear the term "team building," the word "team" is what instantly grabs your attention. Let's see what proceeds this regarding growth, improvement, enhancing performance levels, and achieving company goals as a team. Team building is when the company or manager tries to create a team that cohesively works together to accomplish common goals. The importance of team building and its main purpose is to create a strong team. To do so, the company's leadership finds ways to help the team members form bonds and connections to improve communication and collaboration.

Businesses and organizations have so much to gain from creating these bonds through team-building training. For example, fun activities can help each employee of yours to see their teammates differently. That, on its own, will allow them to connect more authentically. We've tried such training initiatives ourselves and witnessed fruitful results in our company culture and core values. Via fun motivational activities and training, your teams can build skills like communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc.

I bet now you're intrigued to learn a bit more about team-building training activities and ideas to help foster genuine connections, deeper discussions, and processing for your organization.

Let's get a little deeper...

Benefits Of Team-Building Training Programs

Training your employees in new technologies and skills is the best investment for the future of your business. But the benefits of team training can extend even further and bring more valuable results.

Here are the main benefits of team-building training:

  • Increases team cooperation and communication
  • Inspires productivity and motivation and boosts team spirit
  • Improves conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Boosts company culture and uncovers hidden talents

Sure, any workplace training can build motivation, improve employee retention, boost tech skills, and increase productivity and profitability. But when training employees in team structures, you can offer unique opportunities for team bonding and communication. You see, team training helps upskill individual employees and empowers them to utilize synergy within the team dynamics. The result? Multiplying the positive effects of corporate training.

Team-Building Training Topics And Examples

Thankfully, there are plenty of team-building training topics out there. Of course, you can always customize training by reaching out to training experts and creating something new that fits your needs. But first, you need to have some idea of what you can try.

  • Leadership And Team-Building Courses

Leadership and team-building training courses can improve leadership skills if they are designed with care. You can help your top talent lead successful and high-performing teams by choosing suitable courses.

Many companies offer team-building workshops that also include useful teamwork training exercises. Others share tips and techniques with microlearning videos for maximum engagement. Implementing such training courses can help experienced and new managers understand how to lead effectively. It's your way of giving them the best resources and showing them how to become successful managers and team leaders.

Leadership training courses help build highly productive teams and improve productivity. The key is supporting top talent in becoming better managers, motivators, and delegators.

Understanding the fundamentals of strategy and motivation in team building is vital if you want to cultivate great leaders in your company. It's a must-have topic for leaders that need to increase competence and confidence when managing, influencing, and leading teams and individuals.

  • Employee Engagement Training

The difference between engaged employees and passionate employees is huge. By increasing employee engagement, you can help team members be more conscientious about their work. Sure, most of your employees do what is expected of them. And they do comply with the policies and procedures of your business. But do they have a passion for work? Passionate employees do whatever it takes to delight customers and give their best to help your business grow.

Most importantly, they are the ones that actually invest in the company to fulfill their dreams. Thus, they are emotionally committed to their work. And they value the organization they work for. Such employees enjoy the challenges that come with their position and are incredibly agile. Best of all, they are driven by high-duty professionalism and love for learning, especially when they want to acquire new professional skills. Don't you want to have passionate employees as well? With employee engagement training, you can take your organization one step further. And when dealing with new remote teams, organizations have yet one more reason to check in with employees. That's how you can eliminate lack of passion in your teams.

Thus, leaders should be the front-runners in how to increase passion, both at the department and team levels.

  • Workplace Behaviors And Working Styles

Workplace behaviors are crucial, especially when working with a new team. So, it's a good idea to establish expectations for the group. You might also like to include this type of training in your employee onboarding process. Then you can take it to a whole new level from there. Which traits or behaviors do you believe contribute to a positive team environment? For example, you may have integrity as a core value. Or maybe you value respect, dependability, or even empathy in your company culture.

It's crucial for teams and organizations to decide which behaviors they have to implement. That's how successful businesses manage to create trust in one another. It's key for team members to uphold specific standards that reflect the company culture. And, of course, it's also vital to ensure that everyone feels comfortable at work.

  • Virtual Team-Building Training

This shouldn't come as a surprise, as more and more teams have opted for working remotely after the COVID outbreak. Remote work environments come with plenty of benefits, but they certainly have several challenges. For one, managers need to find ways to keep virtual teams connected. Fixing communication, for example, is key, as is using technology effectively. For example, you can leverage training to plan for conflict management and how people can respect boundaries. Virtual training programs like these will certainly improve team communication.

Another idea could be to focus on employee engagement and ensure full participation in team meetings. Other subtopics for this could include being flexible and improving trust within the team—the list goes on. Such types of team-building training will give your employees skills and help you build highly effective virtual teams.

  • Conflict Management Training

Today, we spend our time in high-stress workplaces. So, making the environment we work in a nice place to be is integral to human interaction. Stress, unfortunately, creates tension, and that leads to conflict more often than not. The right type of training, along with real-life scenarios and examples, can help improve behavior and the way people deal with conflict. No worries about employees getting defensive, losing their cool, and lashing out at each other or, even worse, at clients. Via conflict management training, your team members can recognize their own patterns and learn to utilize healthy and productive ways to resolve a conflict.

As you can see, there's a big variety of employee team-building training programs. Some other ideas are participating in team events, activities, or workshops.

The abundance of team-building courses out there allows you to experiment with different categories and approaches.

How To Choose The Best Team-Building Training Content Provider

So, now that you've read all about the different types of team-building training, what's next? In this section, we'll focus a bit on what to consider before choosing a content provider for team-building training.

When choosing a training company for team-building training, please consider the following:

  • Expertise in TNA and skills gap analysis is key
  • Know-how on behavioral change and company culture
  • Great arsenal of employee training methods (online courses, blended learning, microlearning, gamification, workshops, scenario-based learning, face-to-face training, etc.)
  • Proven track record in team-building training
  • Expertise in tracking and analytics tools
  • Awards won, and read plenty of customer reviews

When you decide to team up with a training company to help your team create stronger bonds and improve the way you collaborate, you want to see actionable results. And that has to happen fast. Of course, success doesn't happen in a day. So, you must keep in mind that continuous improvement and constant training initiatives are key to having agile, flexible, and resilient teams.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know why team-building training is so crucial for businesses, are you ready to try it? If you want to improve team communication and help your organization move forward, teaming up with a team-building content provider is your key to success.

Learning programs that allow team collaboration and experimentation can create firm bonds between teammates. Leveraging techniques like gamification, real-case scenarios, and collaborative learning is ideal for building a resilient team.

Want to know more about how to start employee team-building training? All the eLearning companies featured on this top list help organizations design and complete modules for maximum effectiveness.

Are you looking for exciting team-building training topics or activities? Or maybe want to try out something even more innovative? Ask for a proposal. Reach out to these eLearning vendors to clear out any questions or request a demo to see what they can do for you.

If you want to compare eLearning content providers for team building on your own, simply visit our directory!

Alternatively, you might also like to explore the following short lists:

We truly hope you enjoyed all the info we provided you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help choosing a training company to make your corporate dreams come true.