5 Compliance Training Strategies To Try In 2017

5 Compliance Training Strategies To Try In 2017
Summary: For people and businesses, compliance involves reducing threats, such as bribery fines, safety incidents, and cyber-attacks. But with compliance training, how do you actually get people to change their behaviors?

Focusing On Behavior Change? Try These Compliance Training Strategies

Human errors like sending emails to the wrong individuals and clicking suspicious links can cause damage to your organization. However, these are completely avoidable if people change their behaviors by forming new habits. Your compliance training needs to go beyond the basics; it needs to focus on behavior change.

The goal is to move employees away from bad habits that leave them vulnerable to risks. It's hard to accomplish this, but it can be done by focusing your learning design to include interventions and activities successful at changing poor practices. Cathy Moore's action-mapping book demonstrates how you can enhance your compliance learning design. You can then practice maintaining the new behaviors as a long-term strategy, and even implement ideas from the Kineo site for creating campaigns for change.

Here are 5 compliance training strategies to try this year:

1. Use The Power Of Social

Using the Elucidat data protection demo, you can get simple ideas to help focus your compliance training on behavior change. The demo shows how simple polling questions that focus on five top errors are used to garner insight from learners' opinions of how bad these simple errors can be.

Feedback for each question includes a statistic and a true story of the consequences simple errors have caused individuals. These stories are based on real cases from the ICO website, and relay how these individuals were charged hefty fines for simple mistakes. With the social polling capabilities of the Elucidat eLearning authoring tool, learners' answers to the same questions are shared with one another.

2. Set Direction

After becoming aware of errors and the risk factors involved, learners can get some action-focused tips. Learners may concentrate on the errors by selecting the ones that need the most attention. You'll start to see changes in learners' behaviors when you follow up with additional campaign-like material, including extra tips, case updates, email reminders and stats on departmental improvement.

Remember to personalize the content, you want learners to focus on the errors they made, and then you can aid in achieving change via practical tips and incentivization.

3. Make It Memorable

The demo also shows how to use the right information at the right time by relating scenarios with mnemonic words, such as "PRAT": Purpose, Relevant, Accurate, Time. Mnemonics, catch-phrases, quotes, symbols and visual characters are great approaches for cementing content into the minds of your learners.

Learners can pick each letter for a concise guideline on how and when to share and keep data (PRAT). These challenges can get them thinking about some real-data scenarios.

4. Build Confidence And Competence

Confidence and competence can improve with frequent practice. Practice aids in embedding new learning in the mind, especially when learners make errors and are challenged over time. Learners receive tips with their feedback and are scored as they move along in the demo. Getting answers right the first time they respond results in a higher final score.

5. Bring In A Healthy Sense Of Competition

You can incorporate some healthy competition on-the-go by using your Learning Management System or portal leaderboard. Follow it up by rolling out a more challenging activity to incrementally build up change. The demo allows for a download of the PRAT guide and mobile-friendly access to it. Offer your learners downloadable content and mobile-friendly access to enhance their experiences and promote behavioral change.

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Final Thoughts

Great compliance training focuses on the issues rather than overloading learners with content. If you'd like to learn more about how to create compliance training that actually changes behavior, contact Elucidat's academy team.

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