7 Budgeting Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Employee Onboarding Software For New Sales Staff

7 Budgeting Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Employee Onboarding Software For New Sales Staff
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Summary: When it comes to sales teams, dollars and cents rule everything. So, as you’re making these fiscal calculations in regard to online training, what mistakes should you dodge?

What To Avoid In The Implementation Of Employee Onboarding Software For New Sales Staff

They say identifying the problem is half the solution. This doesn't always apply to money matters, though. Knowing you don't have any won't show you where to find some. And this principle is more valid with budgets. You may know your online training expenses exceed your available resources, but you still have to figure out ways to make it stretch. What common budgeting errors can you dance around to ensure your sales online training stays successful? Avoid these pricy onboarding software mistakes when implementing your employee onboarding software.

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1. Overlooking The Cost Of Set-Up

Sales staff don't always sit in the office. They might report in the morning to receive their route for the day and collect samples and stock. But most of their workday is spent on the road. This means they probably need a laptop or tablet, an office-issued smartphone, and possibly a corporate car. These hefty initial expenses are part of your onboarding cost, so be sure to plan for them. Another setup expense to consider is familiarizing your new sales staff with the system. They need time to learn its features so that they're able to access support tools anytime, anywhere.

2. Underestimating User Count

If you've chosen to disseminate your training via pre-built employee onboarding software, there's probably a user cap. Some companies overcome this through shared user accounts, but this could compromise data security. It may also negatively affect accountability. So, before you invest in pre-packaged software or LMS, confirm how many active, daily, users will engage the system. For less sensitive areas, like catalogs, you can designate a guest account anyone can log into. But for confidential things like customer listings or credit details, individual user IDs are crucial. In addition, ask the LMS vendor about overage fees. You don't want an unexpected bill if you onboard more sales staff than expected.

3. Forgetting About Ongoing Maintenance

Digital property isn't like a car or house, but it still needs routine care. These are things like backing up data, updating operating systems, fixing glitches, plugging vulnerabilities, and refreshing content. This could take an hour or two every day, or it could be scheduled on a weekly/monthly roster. Occasional troubleshooting is part of the deal, as well. This might be done by in-house IT. In which case, there's no direct cash cost, but it indirectly eats into their productivity by taking billable hours away from their work-day. And if you have to hire hourly consultants for those maintenance activities, then it does cost you actual, tangible money.

4. Not Accounting For Upgrades Or Updates

We've already touched on modifying your sales online training software and content library. Before you set up your sales online training orientation, find out your LMS vendor's update policy. Do they charge for each new version, or do you get a set number of tweaks within your package? Do they have their own upgrade timetable, or can you ask for a specific content edit? Can they give you the tools and scope to modify your own content, and is there an extra fee involved?

5. Being Too Literal With ROI

Sales values are easy to calculate. You can literally put the cost of your online onboarding software in one column. Then tabulate how much each new salesperson will have to sell to recoup their online training cost. You'll probably use this to define sales targets. But we forget it can take a year for new sales hires to close or achieve any kind of sales record consistently. Thus, when you're demanding fiscal payback for your new hires' sales induction, give them space and time.

6. Not Creating An Implementation Timeline

A solid online onboarding software budget calls for an implementation timeline that maps out every stage of the process. From finding the new tool to gathering data after launch to ensure the best returns. However, many organizations assume that an LMS roll out will just happen naturally. That they'll figure out things as they go along and improvise. This often leads to costly implementation challenges because you haven't outlined the tasks involved. Meet with your team to get a feel for the entire process. Which roles will they take on, and which tasks are they responsible for? How long will each task take on, and which resources are necessary?

7. Ignoring The Wisdom Of Cliché

Haste makes waste, so even though you want your new hires to adjust as quickly as possible, slow your roll. A good online onboarding schedule for sales teams could take as much as a year. If you rush it, you'll put excessive pressure on your sales hires, and they'll quit a few months in. Their expectations will be too high, and their lack of results will make them doubt their sales ability. Then you'll have to incur the cost of finding, interviewing, and hiring replacements, which then require their own onboarding budget.

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No matter how good your product or service is, your sales team needs help moving it. You want to teach them the right technique, but you don't always have the money to do it. What can you do to trim your budget when you can't afford money mistakes? Tabulate hidden costs, including set-up, sales equipment, and staff devices like phones, cars, and credit card readers. Verify the volume of active, consistent users, and factor in the cost of maintenance and upgrades. Give them time to learn before you start setting high targets to recoup your online training expenses. Sales onboarding can take up to a year, so don't rush the process, or you'll soon lose your team.

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