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Upskilling Your Workforce With Foundation Skills Development


Upskilling Your Workforce With Foundation Skills Development

by Learning Pool / Published: May 16 2019

What it's about

In the following eBook, we will outline the main aspects of the foundation skills needed to upskill your workforce. From strategies to supporting foundation skills development to mastering your training programme with Learning Pool and everything in-between.

Key chapters

  • Section 1: Why foundation skills are key to success in the workplace

    More than ever success in the workplace depends on having the key skills to perform. For organisations, training is not only about getting the most out of its employees, but also ensuring they have the capability to cope with and thrive in the fast-changing pace of modern work.
  • Section 2: Skills every professional should have to pursue workplace effectiveness

    You often hear the phrase ‘the Skills Economy’, but what are the skills an economy or business needs? Fundamentally, modern workers are going to require a range of skills to keep pace with a fast-changing business environment.
  • Section 3: How to effectively address foundation skills in corporate training

    Corporate training faces a constant challenge to keep up with the rapid pace of a changing business landscape. Pressure too comes from the increasing demands of employees wanting to develop their skills, so they can keep abreast of change and take advantage of new opportunities and new career paths.
  • Section 4: Strategies to support foundation skills development in the workplace

    Foundations skills training covers a wide variety of areas. It can be hard to know where to focus or how to implement them in your organisation. But they provide the basics of business literacy and are vital in the development of the people in your organisation.
  • Section 5: Bridging performance gaps in the workplace

    A fundamental measure of any organisation is its performance, especially in a time of change. The challenge is to make sure that performance is consistent and effective across the organisation and work to improve it.
  • Section 6: Essential eLearning to select for your training program

    Foundation skill programmes are an investment in people and as a way of ensuring staff retention. Its broad range of topics helps bridge gaps in performance and drive up standards, building a platform from which to launch future success.
  • Section 7: Measuring the effectiveness of your program

    Too often evaluation and measurement of training effectiveness are an afterthought. Yet the prime reason for establishing a foundation skills Training programme in your organisation is to upskill your workforce and see improvements in performance.
  • Section 8: Master your foundation skills training programme with Learning Pool

    Foundation skills are the basic elements of business literacy. They are the essential skill sets a modern employee needs to progress. Without them, people will struggle in their jobs and development may pass them by.

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