Social Media L&D’s Untapped Resource

by Infopro Learning

As Millennials join the workforce, so must L&D professionals make the organizations ready for the younger ones. Within the pages of this eBook you will find insight on their profile and the preparations needed, along with useful tips on how L&D professionals can take full advantage of social media in Learning and Development.

Key Chapters

  1. Preparing For The Next Generation Workforce

    The tech savvy, next generation workforce, is a provoking force whose learning habits, characteristics, styles, and expectations can guide innovation in corporate training.

  2. Who Are Millennials?

    The characteristics of millennials and their ideas of a comfortable learning environment should be used to enhance and innovate the structure of corporate training.

  3. Traditional Training – Approaches That Could Use A Millennial Twist

    The traditional approaches work for now and may continue to work in the future, but we have an opportunity to enhance these approaches by integrating technology and social media channels into the corporate learning environment.

  4. Let Technology and Social Media Drive Innovation

    According to the U.S. Chamber Foundation, 80% of millennials sleep with their cell phone next to the bed, 75% create a profile on a social networking site and 20% post a video of themselves online.

  5. Bridging L&D And Millennial Learning Needs With Social Media

    Millennials spend 33% of their waking hours consuming information on social media, yet only 4.2% of corporate training can be accessed there. It's time to close the gap.

  6. How Can We Use These Social Media Applications To Transform L&D?

    And that’s not all! There are many other apps that can be leveraged to enhance learning solutions.

If social media is leveraged by millennials for networking, self-expression, news, business and much more, why not for organizational learning activities? Social media is a largely untapped L&D resource. Using social media applications in training will not only enhance the learning experience, but bring innovation to traditional corporate training approaches.

Each and every one has a different perspective as to the use of social media. This is dependent on several criteria; education, social status, and familiarity with technology are the most prevailing. However, what’s topping the list is the age of people. And this is becoming the decisive factor that forces L&D to deal with social media, as Millennials grow in the world workforce. Do yourself a favor and keep your eyes on this must-read. It will seriously help you step up your game.

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Christopher Pappas
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