6 eLearning Trends eBooks: The Ultimate List

6 Free eLearning Trends eBooks The Ultimate List
Summary: This article gathers 6 eLearning Trends eBooks, containing insight from the industry’s top experts. Evolution never ceases to advance in the field of eLearning, so the tips, analyses, and predictions collected here, aim to help you succeed in such a competitive market.

The Ultimate List Of eLearning Trends eBooks To Download

To see what lies ahead for eLearning has always been a difficult task. The main reason behind this, is that it all happens at the same time and with great speed. The only way for an eLearning professional to always stay tuned, or even one step ahead, is to regularly study on the latest. In this article, you will find a list of the latest 6  eLearning Trends eBooks you can download and read, to get valuable insight in the field.

The hottest trends for the time being seems to be AR/VR, but surely you must be informed in a larger spectrum. Your organization or your audience may not yet be ready to embrace such radical changes. That’s why you should have the knowledge that’ll lead you to alternatives. All eLearning Trends eBooks are accompanied by a brief description about the eBook content to help you pick up the ones that better match your interests. This list will constantly be updated with new eLearning Trends eBooks, so keep it as a reference. Enjoy your reading!

1. Updated eLearning Trends In 2018 — Featuring 4 Parameters To Help You Select The Right One! by EI Design

This eBook is an updated version of the previous eBook on eLearning Trends and Predictions for 2018. You’ll find all the trends that reflect approaches that align better to the way people learn, trends that are able to successfully influence and improve employee performance, trends that can help us measure the performance gain, the approaches that can help with ROI determination, as well as other notable trends such as AR/VR for immersive learning, Artificial Intelligence in learning, and Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools. This updated version specially features four parameters to help you select the right eLearning trend, so don’t miss out.

2. Learning Insights 2018: This Time It’s Personal by Kineo

What's really happening in the L&D world right now and what’s coming in the future? Globalization, digital transformation, the future of LMS and the role of the L&D professional, and much more, are included in this eBook. Learning Insights 2018 shares the insight, real-life stories, challenges and successes collected from interviews and a survey with 200 L&D leaders across the globe. This is exactly what you’ll be needing if you want a speedy catch-up with what’s in store for the near future in the eLearning industry.

3. Step Into The Screen: AR/VR Technology's Role In The Future Of eLearning by eLearning Industry

Ground-breaking technologies combined with the possibilities that microlearning brings, are set to change all established in regard to eLearning. In the light of these news, you must be looking for ways to make your eLearning course stand out from the crowd. Read about AR/VR’s true potential for online training, and what are the things to avoid when integrating AR & VR into your eLearning course design, by downloading this ebook. Find the answers to these questions and much more...

4. eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2018 by EI Design

A product of thorough research, this eBook provides a list of trends and predictions for the near future of eLearning. Read on what will continue to offer value, about trends that are coming of age and increase in adoption, the ones emerging now, and lastly those that are clearly maturing. Get a comprehensive view on approaches that are likely to have an impact on the industry in 2018, and gain advantage in this competitive market.

5. 2017 Anatomy Of A Trend eBook by AllenComm

Trends don’t just create opportunities for themselves, there must already be a recognized need into which a specific trend can be plugged. Each of the six trends this ebook deals with, is targeted at getting the learner to invest in the experience. That could be by respecting their time, making the learning more accessible, demonstrating the relevance to their job, or a combination of the three. If you are looking for trends that produce actual results in Learning & Development, then you should download and read this eBook.

6. eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2017 by EI Design

Looking at eLearning trends and predictions that provide inputs you can use is the meaningful cause of this edition. Read on what will continue to offer value, areas where more focus is expected, as well as what is it that you should watch out for. Download this eBook to get a comprehensive view on approaches that are likely to have an impact on the industry. After all, it has been written taking into consideration years of practical experience in eLearning, combined with their incomparable instinct.

Download our eLearning Trends eBooks to get guidance and advice of great use from the best in the field. Everyone wants to keep up with and be prepared to integrate the latest innovations, as these are opportunities one shouldn't miss.

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