How "Sholay" Made Us Realize The Importance Of Outsourcing eLearning Services

How "Sholay" Made Us Realize The Importance Of Outsourcing eLearning Services
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Summary: There are several advantages that you can avail by outsourcing eLearning services, just in Thakur's style!

Sholay, The Classic Case Of Outsourcing

In the initial stage of globalization, outsourcing was purely a cost-cutting strategy, but later, outsourcing transformed into an important tool for accelerating business efficiency. To understand the importance of outsourcing, let us remind ourselves of the 1975 blockbuster, Sholay. In the movie, Thakur outsourced catching or killing of Gabbar to Jai and Veeru.

Thakur's inefficiency (no hands) was the primary reason that forced him to hire Jai and Veeru. But the strength, valor, and efficiency of these two outsourced resources should also not be overlooked.

With the help of Jai and Veeru, Thakur easily hatched a plan and avenged Gabbar—which was the final AIM!

There are several such examples in our daily lives, movies and different business spheres, as well, that illustrate the advantage of outsourcing.

Outsourcing eLearning Services

There are several organizations who don't have the in-house strength, expertise, and budget to strategize and implement corporate training. Corporate training has surpassed several stages of face-to-face or Illustrator-based classroom training and eLearning.

eLearning as the medium to deliver corporate training proved to be the most impactful, affordable and convenient for almost all the business verticals. eLearning with its merit of multimedia, mobility, and higher retention rate has gained a massive popularity over a period of time.

As per a recent study published in the European Survey Report [1], 51 percent of companies deliver at least one training session to 50 percent of their employees in the form of eLearning. And, according to the same report, 76 percent of companies rely on the blended learning model (combination of traditional classroom-based learning and eLearning) to deliver employee training.

Developing eLearning Content Is Not A Cake Walk!

Developing eLearning courses is one of the most significant challenges that SMBs, in particular, come across. For the in-house development of eLearning courses, businesses need to incur several expenditures. Hiring dedicated professionals (Program Managers, Instructional Designers, Flash Designers, etc.), deploying a Learning Management System (LMS) etc. to develop eLearning courses is a costly affair.

But, developing eLearning content is not your primary business concern, right? Do the things in which you excel and leave the rest in the hands of an expert! Outsourcing eLearning services help you have a quick eLearning development time with a quick buck and maximum ROI. And, here comes the need for outsourcing eLearning services. There are several advantages that you can avail by outsourcing eLearning services, just in Thakur's style! In this article, we discuss several factors that make an exciting case for outsourcing eLearning services.

Keeps You Ahead Of The Curve

Outsourcing eLearning services help organizations understand their specific corporate training needs. By utilizing the contemporary EdTech mechanisms, an experienced eLearning agency will analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate your eLearning needs. An eLearning partner also helps you to build customized and precise learning solutions. In the long run, comprehensive eLearning solutions keep your employees future-ready and ahead of the curve as well.

Specialized Expertise

By collaborating with a reputed eLearning consultancy firm, you can achieve all the essential expertise needed for developing eLearning courses.

An eLearning firm has a dedicated team that excels in creating multimedia enriched training courses.

Cost Effective

Just imagine a situation when you may need to hire dedicated resources for developing eLearning content. Building an in-house team for developing eLearning courses will not just burn a hole in your pocket, but it may also make you lose focus from core business goals. On the other hand, outsourcing an experienced eLearning agency is any day a cost-effective way to generate quality training modules.

Get Support, Whenever You Need

After creating your eLearning courses, you may sometime want to update the content with new information or guidelines. And, in such situation, an eLearning partner is always there to help you out.

Helps You Keep Focus Intact

By partnering with an eLearning agency, you will no longer need to worry about your corporate training needs. You will just need to convey details of the courses that you want to an eLearning partner. With this, you can easily keep your focus intact on core business goals.

The Way Forward

After understanding the need for outsourcing eLearning services, you may come to a business decision to partner with an experienced eLearning agency.


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