8 Innovative Ways To Promote LMS Unique Selling Points

8 Innovative Ways To Promote LMS Unique Selling Points
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Summary: What sets your LMS apart, and how can it benefit your target audience? In this article, I’ll share 8 creative ways to promote the unique selling points of your Learning Management System.

How To Promote LMS Unique Selling Points

You know that your LMS product is a cut above the competition. But how can you convey this to your target consumer base in order to boost sales? The key is to pitch LMS unique selling points succinctly, while still adding a touch of marketing flair. You must figure out how to demonstrate that your LMS fills a need and brings clients one step closer to realizing their eLearning potential. Below are 8 innovative techniques to promote LMS unique selling points.

1. Produce A How-To Video

It’s often helpful to see a product in action in order to evaluate the real-world applications. In other words, how customers will be able to use your LMS in their organizations to achieve their online training objectives. Produce a how-to video that showcases all LMS features and functions in a practical way. For example, one of the LMS unique selling points is the user-friendly interface that features a single page layout. Thus, you can create a video that explains how to operate the User Interface and how it can streamline their ability to develop and track online training initiatives without having to access multiple pages or dashboards.

2. Post A Case Study

Prospects like to know that the LMS has a proven track record and how the LMS unique selling points translate into online training benefits. A case study allows them to determine how your LMS platform will help them realize their online training goals and objectives. For example, the study features a satisfied client who used your LMS software to improve their online training ROI and workplace performance. Include pertinent details that help prospects relate, but not so many that it reduces your market reach. For instance, a case study involving a very small niche can hinder relatability.

3. Host A Pop-Quiz Giveaway

Post a daily LMS unique selling point on your social media page that prospects should know about. After you’ve covered all the sales angles, host a giveaway or pop-quiz to reward those who paid attention. The person who answers the most questions about your LMS product correctly wins the grand prize. This not only builds awareness for your LMS brand but also gradually reveals the unique selling points of your LMS so that prospects can focus on each one individually. For example, on day one they’re able to explore your robust LMS reporting features that include customizable metrics. Include links to demo videos, online training tutorials, and other resources that highlight this LMS unique selling point.

4. Publish A Free eBook Or Guide

People love free stuff; it’s a simple fact of life. And you can use this to your advantage by publishing a free guide to promote your LMS product with an emphasis on the LMS unique selling points that put you a cut above the rest. You can even produce different guides for different customer personas. For instance, one eBook is intended for SMBs or organizations who are trying to start an extended enterprise online training program. Post links to download the free eBook on your social media pages and sales page. Interested parties need to provide their contact details to get their free copy, which helps you build your email marketing list.

5. Write A Press Release

Think of a noteworthy news angle for your LMS unique selling points or promote an upcoming eLearning event by writing a press release. The trick is not creating an LMS sales pitch, but using the opportunity to subtly boast about what your LMS has to offer. For example, write about the release of the latest updates that expand the functionality of your LMS platform. You can publish your press release with eLearning Industry to gain maximum exposure and reach more than 600,000 readers.

6. Host A Live Social Media Event

Schedule a live social media event that allows you to interact with followers and showcase LMS unique selling points. It can be in the form of a live video feed or an online discussion. Give participants the topic ahead of time, so they can formulate their questions. You should also provide them with supplemental marketing materials, like links to your sales page and demo videos. Then invite them to sign up for your LMS free trial at the end of the event.

7. Share Testimonials And Personal Anecdotes

Some of your clients may be trailblazers in their field, but very few of them want to be LMS test subjects. They’re looking for an LMS platform that is already established and has a loyal following. Thus, you may want to share testimonials and personal anecdotes from happy clients. Ideally, the testimonials should run the gamut in regards to the LMS unique selling points. Ensure that you have at least one or two that cover the key features or functions. That way, everyone will be able to find a testimonial that speaks to them and their training needs. Invite satisfied clients to submit testimonials via your site or social media page and offer an incentive for those who are willing to share, such as a discount on a future product or a sneak peek of your latest software upgrade.

8. Marketing Infographics

Create an attention-grabbing infographic that highlights LMS unique selling points, complete with images and screenshots. You can even provide how-to infographics that show prospective users how the tool functions, step by step. Which also doubles as a great reference tool for those who’ve already invested in your LMS product. Post the infographic on social media and your LMS landing page, and encourage visitors to share it with their network.

What sets your LMS apart from the crowd and attracts new clients to your brand? It’s crucial to identify your unique selling points before you launch your LMS marketing campaign. Otherwise, you may end up targeting the wrong audience and missing out on golden sales opportunities.

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