National Fun At Work Day: 5 Ways To Live It Up With Your Remote Employees

National Fun At Work Day: 5 Ways To Live It Up With Your Remote Employees
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Summary: It's National Fun at Work Day! What can you do to mark the occasion? Here are 5 creative ways to get your remote employees involved.

Because Staffers Just Wanna Have Fun!

Today, employees don't just get to enjoy your average, run-of-the-mill "Friyay." It's National Fun at Work Day, which gives us ample opportunity to bond with our coworkers and enjoy everything that corporate life has to offer. If you're looking for some last-minute ideas to mark the occasion, we've got you covered. Below you'll find 5 activities that are easy and low-cost to implement, even if you're scattered across the globe. Best of all, they're all geared toward helping you build a stronger corporate culture and inspire your teams.

5 Stress-Free Ideas To Celebrate National Fun At Work Day

1. Guess Who

Ask each member of the team to submit interesting facts about themselves and then host a few rounds of "Guess Who." Employees can cast their votes on who they think each statement belongs to. After the big reveal, the coworker in question can elaborate with a story or even photos, like a pic of them with their grunge bandmates back in the '90s. One of the perks of this game is getting to know your team members on a different level, which strengthens their dynamic and gives them a chance to discuss things other than work-related tasks.

2. Virtual Luncheon

Treat everyone in your remote workforce to lunch by giving them a gift card or arranging for deliveries from local eateries. Since luncheons are usually formal affairs, you can even take things up a notch by asking them all to wear their best attire and possibly even turn it into an awards banquet to recognize their achievements. This is a great way to show them that you care and give them the opportunity to take an extended break from their work duties and enjoy some dining downtime with their peers.

3. Impromptu Talent Show

Everyone has a hidden talent, but we're rarely able to show it off in a professional setting, especially if it's something a bit more offbeat. Invite your employees to an online talent show where they can talk about and demonstrate their unique abilities (within limits, of course). Another option is to host themed events if you prefer not to put them on the spot. For example, host a mystery-solving soiree where they each bring a story, and then everyone puts on their sleuth hats.

4. Guest Speaker Bonanza

Whether it's in-house SMEs or external industry experts, virtual guest speaking events offer employees a new perspective and impart experiential knowledge. You can either go with a specific topic or cover a broad range of skills and competencies to mix things up. Alternatively, host online meet-and-greets with company leaders who may not interact with the team on a regular basis. For instance, your CEO can discuss the organization's humble beginnings and how they came up with the concept for the business model way back when.

5. Trivia Rounds

Who can resist a rapid-fire round of trivia? Ask your team about their favorite categories to choose questions that fall under their areas of expertise, then break them into teams to spark some friendly competition. If trivia isn't their forte, make it a riddling event where they each bring a few mind-benders to share with the group. The point is to find something that everyone enjoys so that the entire team gets to actively participate instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Wrapping Up

It might seem counterproductive to focus on fun instead of usual business matters. However, employees who are able to unwind at work from time to time and venture outside of their professional comfort zone are more likely to be happier on the job, which leads to better performance and increased motivation.

On behalf of the entire team at eLI, we'd like to wish everyone a wonderful National Fun at Work Day. We hope that it's filled with a healthy dose of camaraderie, team-building, and destressing as you take care of business.

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