6 Reasons Why An Online Video Outweighs Written Content

6 Reasons Why An Online Video Outweighs Written Content
Summary: The video content is far more superior to all other formats of content these days because videos provide a lot of information in a visual format more quickly than any other format.

6 Facts Justifying An Online Video Outweighs Written Content

The population of the video has increased tremendously across the globe in the last few years; now, the animated videos are seen everywhere from television to social media to billboards; a video format of an advertisement is the most popular format these days to attract new customers to your business. Even the restaurant menu these days can be presented in a video format.

The new generation has accepted the video as a prominent means of viewing and delivering information, since creating your very own videos has never been easier in the technological era. Almost everyone can easily edit, film, and publish videos.

Let us look at some vital examples that will help you realize the preference of the video format over other formats.

1. The Video Is Dominating The Digital Community

In late 2016, it was revealed that YouTube was (and probably still is) the second most powerful and popular social media network on the internet which uses videos. All the major networks make use of videos including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The social media platforms have made it easy for videos to be uploaded and shared within the global community. Additionally, the importance of video marketing has never been greater before. The top companies in the world are promoting their brands using video marketing campaigns on social media, and lots of websites have already made their businesses successful.

2. The Video Is Replacing The Text-Only Content

Nowadays, people are getting more and more familiar with the videos rather than with text-only content. More information sources like images, infographics, and podcasts have also been challenged by videos. These mediums will always be important, and the video will never replace them, but it will surely keep expanding as the most powerful medium of content in the future years.

3. The Video Provides Non-Verbal Communication

In conveying a message to the audience, body language and verbal tones play a huge role. The choice of words is very important in the text content, but visual features like emoticons help to establish the right connection with the viewers. When they watch a video or a person talking to them live, they get a better understanding of the body language and message delivered to them by the speakers. The visuals in the video work like magic with visual aids which strengthen the marketing campaigns of organizations. The video looks even more accurate and informative when the speaker is presented in the video, visible to the audience.

4. The Video Engages The Audience Better

When a video is combined with a sound and a visual, the audience can get a lot more out of them as it is a powerful medium of communication. If the video content and movements are concise and accurate, the users are likely to watch them till the end. Business organizations can use this power to market their new brands with videos that boost the image of the new product.

A survey has revealed that the viewers watch an online video on a website 27% more than clicking a banner ad. The final call-to-action sentences included in a video also guarantee the boost sales of a company. All the mediums have comprised of videos; a video can contain pictures, images, graphics, or even podcasts to claim its superiority over other mediums.

5. The Video Promotes Shares

Online users today are more interested in sharing videos more than anything else; the key components of a video are worthy of sharing online with millions of people. Videos get more shares than pictures of text content; this is because videos are considered a more socially relevant medium than images and text do. Everyone these days has a Snapchat or Youtube presence; through interactive videos, people can express their interests more.

6. The Video Provides Rich Αnd Quick Content

Videos provide a quick and rich content. Podcasts, on the other hand, usually lack visual aids, and they also take longer than videos. The audio mixed with a video delivers the content much faster than anything else. If a person explains a graph in a video live, the viewers will get a clearer picture of the particular graph than that of a graph being presented in a text-only format. Videos are more compelling than many other mediums because all the videos provide more satisfactory results.

Videos are also known to help the economy move through the rich and quick content they may provide. In other words, people can find jobs easily or start a business by simply watching an inspirational video that explains to them what to do. It is a fact that millions of people start online jobs after watching simple videos online. The use of videos and social media platforms has provided thousands of jobs to the unemployed around the world.