8 Proven Steps To Create A Profitable Online Course

8 Proven Steps To Create A Profitable Online Course
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Summary: If you want to create a profitable online course, the 8 steps provided below are essential guides to follow. Regardless of the niche you choose, the steps are universal and produce effective results. Now, let’s cut to the chase!

Easy-To-Follow Steps To Create A Profitable Online Course

There is no better time to start nurturing an online course than in 2020, this is because all odds are in favor of those leveraging on online space. There is a comprehensive list of online courses available for students at different levels, all the more reason you need to stand out if you want to create a profitable online course in 2020.

Gone are those days when students were only interested in the theoretical parts of a course and the volume of a course before registering for one. Nowadays, content, impact, and practicality are the selling points. No matter how attractive the flyer for your online course is, if it lacks practical elements that will expose students to the know-how of what you are teaching, the online course might not fly.

In this article, we will expose you to the proven steps you must follow if you desire to create a profitable online course. Before we delve into that, it is important we run through the important qualities an online course must possess for it to be profitable. These are uniqueness, creation of value, preciseness of information, the specificity of course, and meaningful impact.

1. Discover What You Are Passionate To Teach The World

This is the first step on the right path if you desire to create a profitable online course. Just like in the business world where you have to choose or streamline your industry, you need to find a burning passion within you and pen down what you are interested in teaching others. This must be self-thought, not something you read in a book or get from others. It could be a long-time passion you have been nurturing, it could also emanate from your years of study or experience in life.

Basically, what you are passionate to teach the world must be something you have deep knowledge about. Imagine a historian creating an online course for engineering students, it will not last, will it? So, you need to choose an area of interest that aligns with your person, discipline, and experience.

2. Find A Perfect Idea For Your Online Course

When planning to create a profitable online course, it is essential you have a perfect idea that has high market demand. This second stage is what we call ideation and it is crucial to the success of an online course.

Seeking a perfect idea might require that you study similar online courses, talk to online educators, and have multiple test runs on how your idea will run. This is a one-off step, many people make several trails before getting an idea that suits their goal best. When cooking a perfect idea, you should also factor in your past experiences, your talents, and other values that will birth a perfect idea.

3. Research The Market And Know Your Competitors

It takes a lot of work to create a profitable online course, just like any other business you want to set up, creating an online course requires deep thoughts, in-depth research, strategic planning, among others. One of the most important things to do is to research the market, identify who your competitors are, and know what you can do better.

4. Strategize On How To Execute Your Idea

This is another important area many people miss out on when planning an online course. You see many educators skip the part of strategic planning and run off to sourcing funds for their course and end up not making meaning out of it.

You cannot just jump into the online education market because you have an idea, rather you need to check how well your idea fits market demands. Strategizing might entail that you do a market survey and see how well your idea will fly.

Ask your target students questions, know what they feel about the present online courses and things that can make them better. Be strategic, this is crucial to how well you will stand aloof of market competition.

5. Create Engaging Course Content And Appealing Learning Outcomes

Having engaging course content for your online course is good, but having excellent learning outcomes is better. You must have a perfect blend of course content and learning outcomes to attract the right audience and have a profitable course. Students are more eager to pay for a course when they are sure of the value they will get and how much better they will become at the end of the learning period.

6. Have An Interesting Course/Lecture Delivery Technique

No one will pay for a boring or unengaging online course. Online education is different from physical learning where students can see the non-verbal communication of the tutor. For your online course, you should consider incorporating videos, class activities, animations, and other audiovisuals to keep your class alive. Establishing a community is another active way to keep students engaged and strengthen their bond.

7. Set Income Goals/Fix Price For Your Online Course

Since you are entering the market with an entrepreneurship mind, it is vital you set revenue and income goals for yourself.

Who is the target audience you want to reach? How do you intend to reach them? What price will they pay for the value you are offering? How much do you intend to generate from the course? What are the selling points of your course? What extra thing are you bringing into the course? These are some of the questions you need to answer when setting income and revenue goals for your online course.

8. Blow Your Own Trumpet

This is the last but most important step. You need to blow your own trumpet by creating sales pages for your online course. You can do paid adverts, hire affiliate markets, advertise on social media, offer learning discounts, do free short courses, and many others.

Once you are able to execute all of these steps, you need to get started! Launch your online course and hit the ground running.