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May 27, 2016

The Key To Good Decision Making

Usually, when we make any decision, the result probability is either positive or negative. So, for effective decision making, a person must weigh the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives.
by Syed Muhammad Wasif
May 26, 2016

Online Sales Training Program Worth It? Look At The Data!

For companies with a large sales force, an online sale training program can be a great way to save money and speed up the training process. Before a company jumps on the eLearning bandwagon, it should analyze the data to make an informed decision. Basic statistical principles can make this process easier.
by Eric Kean
May 16, 2016

When To Include Online Training Simulations: 6 Instances To Consider

You want to give your corporate learners real world experience, minus the real world repercussions. But how can you help them learn from their mistakes and perfect their problem-solving approach in a safe and supportive environment? More importantly, are simulations REALLY the right option for online training? In this article, I’ll highlight the many ways that you can use online training simulations to your corporate learners’ advantage.
by Christopher Pappas