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July 10, 2014

Lumi Say Review

Used to supplement larger learning programs, Lumi Say has brought something to the mobile learning world that is quite unique. It allows us to take advantage of unique mobile features that so far I haven’t seen in a mainstream eLearning development tool.
by Joe Ganci
June 19, 2014

Mix It Up with Blended Learning

Tired of the same old next-driven online training snooze fest? Well, mix it up! Blended learning can be very beneficial to your employees - and a welcome break from mindlessly clicking through a training course alone at their desks. Combining online and in-person learning creates a collaborative learning experience and allows for open communication.
by Stephanie Ivec
June 13, 2014

Everything To Elevate Captivate 8

eLearning Brothers, Lodestone, and Artisan E-Learning announce a combined offer of Captivate 8 templates, training, and the only Captivate 8 book available. For eLearning developers, this means access to more than 25,000 assets (including Captivate 8), Captivate 8 Training, and a Captivate 8 Book.
by Brother Shawn
March 19, 2014

H5P: An Open Source HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tool

This article introduces an emerging open source HTML5 eLearning authoring tool called H5P. With H5P, you can create mobile friendly, interactive HTML5 eLearning content directly in a web browser without any technical skills. Like Flash, H5P content is a single file that you can easily administer and move from a CMS to an LMS. Unlike Flash, no plugins are required for the end user and no local eLearning authoring tool installation is necessary. H5P is Open Source and Free to use.

by Magnus Vik Magnussen