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June 4, 2018

eBook Release: 14 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right eLearning Authoring Tool

Have a new project with specific learning activities? Are you looking for a new authoring tool? This eBook is a practical solution for eLearning developers, as it reveals both common and subtle points of the process of choosing an authoring tool. It contains tips and tricks to help you determine which tool suits best your unique training development tasks, questions you should ask a vendor to avoid pitfalls while using one, and a great checklist to structure the process of selecting the right tool for your needs.
by Christopher Pappas
May 9, 2018

Discussing The New iSpring Suite Version 9

I started using iSpring just before version 6.0 was released. This was right around the time when Flash was announced obsolete, and we had to start thinking of the future of eLearning. Quite a few years have passed since, and iSpring has kept up to date throughout the evolution of HTML5.
by Michael Cerantola