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October 15, 2018

eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide – Delivering Exceptional Learning Experiences

Learning experiences are not about moments; they’re more about a total perception that should be carefully constructed. Reading and comprehending this eBook will present you with a roadmap full of notes for what you have to keep in mind along the journey of an eLearning program. Tips on preparing and things to avoid are here as well, so that, having reached the end, your goals and those of your learners will have been accomplished.
by Christopher Pappas
September 16, 2018 | Sponsored

Sales Enablement Training: How To Enable Sales Team Success, Part 1

In this series of articles, we’ll explore how to evaluate a trifecta of approaches to sales enablement: training, technology, and assets. Each requires that for air-tight sales enablement, an organization begins with a needs analysis of how to reach the end goal of the buyer’s journey – the purchase that meets a need. Here, we’ll start with sales enablement training.
by Dr. Kate Worlton-Pulham
September 10, 2018 | Sponsored

4 Key Elements An Effective Compliance Training Strategy Should Have

It is critical to get compliance training right. If companies don’t practice compliance, they can face fines and restrictions, and can even put customers’ lives at risk. The foundation of an effective compliance training strategy should include at least these 4 elements: clear goal setting, good communication, focused design, and verification.
by Blake Beus