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October 14, 2015

7 Things Tech-Savvy Instructional Designers Do On A Regular Basis

Embracing technology is not enough; if you aspire to be an excellent Instructional Designer, you need to truly own it. In this article, I’ll share 7 things tech-savvy Instructional Designers do on a regular basis so that you will be able to model yourself after their best habits and qualities, being able to quickly analyze emerging technologies and illuminate exactly what you need to adopt or reject in order to improve your eLearning deliverables.
by Christopher Pappas
October 4, 2015

5 Little-Known Facts About eLearning Professionals

eLearning outsiders may already know that eLearning Professionals are the ones working behind the scenes to create eLearning courses. However, there are some tidbits about eLearning professionals that may come as a surprise to online learners, and even some industry newcomers. In this article, I’ll share 5 little-known facts about eLearning Professionals.
by Christopher Pappas
September 1, 2015

Free eBook: Creative Instructional Design - 7 Learning Strategies That You Can Use

When it comes to Instructional Design, Asha Pandey is certainly an expert you can count on. The Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategies free ebook not only is full of fresh ideas (at last!), but also presents a series of specific examples and case studies to ensure application in real work environments. If you’re looking for impactful learning strategies and exceptional Instructional Design tips, this eBook is ideal for you.
by Christopher Pappas
August 29, 2015

The Top 10 TED Talks For eLearning Professionals

Exploring a learning topic from a whole new perspective is a rare opportunity. Fortunately, TED talks offer the chance to dive into the minds of other educators, subject matter experts, and eLearning professionals. In this article, I'll introduce 10 talks that are definitely worth a watch.
by Christopher Pappas
June 27, 2015

8 Common eLearning Interview Questions

Ready to expand your Learning and Development team? Want to find the perfect eLearning professional to design your next eLearning course? In this article, I’ll share 8 common eLearning interview questions you’ll want to ask before hiring an eLearning professional. On the flipside, eLearning professionals can use these questions to get prepared for their upcoming eLearning interview.
by Christopher Pappas
June 19, 2015

5 Common Misconceptions About Instructional Designer Salaries

As is the case with most professions, over the course of time a variety of myths, exaggerations and misconceptions surface about the pay involved. In this article, I’ll shed some light on the most common misconceptions about instructional designer salaries, all instructional designers involved in the eLearning Industry should be aware of.
by Christopher Pappas