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April 23, 2015

Are We Living In An eLearning Revolution?

eLearning has gone through drastic changes since its conception. The past 10 years have seen eLearning’s implementation in academia and corporate America, now the seed has been planted for eLearning to spread into every aspect of learning. This article explores how guerilla eLearning content generators can be armed with sound eLearning knowledge to hasten eLearning’s inevitable world domination.
by Beth Wisch
April 17, 2015

Quick Guide To Becoming An eLearning Pro

There are numerous online degree courses as well as MOOCs that can guide you on the best possible ways to acquire expertise in the e-learning arena. At this article you will find a quick summary of some of the proven techniques that can help you become an e-learning pro!
by Sandip Kar
April 13, 2015

eLearning Professionals' Payment Options

When you work in many industries, including eLearning, you may be paid as an employee or as a contractor. Oftentimes, people are unaware of how they are paid, and how it affects their taxes at year-end. Understanding the difference between these two types of compensation may also help in negotiating your pay.
by Sheila Shanker
March 24, 2015

6 Tips On How To Get Into An eLearning Industry Job

Finding a career in eLearning is a lucrative option with the rapid growth of the eLearning industry due to increase in the internet usage. Therefore, it seems to be a right time to consider a career in eLearning. The following article shares some useful tips on how to get into an eLearning industry job. Read on…
by Swati Srivastava
March 17, 2015

Top 5 Tips On How To Get An eLearning Job

The eLearning industry is competitive by nature, which means that landing an eLearning job may seem like a next to impossible feat. But you don’t need to worry. In this article I'll share 5 top tips for getting a job as an eLearning professional, regardless of your experience or chosen niche.
by Christopher Pappas