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March 1, 2016

5 Hidden Perks Of Becoming An eLearning Professional

Every profession has its own unexpected benefits that you don't discover until you've officially joined its ranks. In this article, I'll reveal the 5 hidden perks of becoming an eLearning professional. If you are still undecided about whether eLearning is the right career path for you, this guide may persuade you to finally make the leap.
by Christopher Pappas
January 2, 2016

Staffing A K12 Online Course

Staffing responsibilities and hiring expectations for online learning environments vary greatly from that of traditional classroom environments. School leaders, counselors, and district level administrators are beginning to recognize the influence and power technology has on learning. Virtual learning programs have greater flexibility for meeting the needs of individual learners due to the frequent availability of web-based tools and resources. As learning institutions expand education offerings to include online learning components, administrators need to recognize the importance of providing a supporting faculty, who will be able to meet the needs of such a unique learning environment. Therefore, this article aims to address the considerations required to staff a K12 online course.
by Michael Higley
December 25, 2015

Path From College To An Instructional Design Career

What skills do you need to work on if you want to become an Instructional Designer after graduating from college? How can you make progress in this niche and turn it into a nice experience between graduation and the actual Instructional Design career you have on your mind? Read on; we have the answers.
by Linda Craig