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January 25, 2019 | Sponsored

How To Outsource eLearning Curriculum, Part 3

How can you create effective eLearning curriculum that will ensure your training program meets your learners’ needs and achieves both organizational and business objectives? In the final part of this article, you’ll realize that this goal is more attainable than you might think.
by Ashley Reardon
January 24, 2019 | Sponsored

How To Outsource eLearning Curriculum, Part 2

Embarking on an eLearning curriculum design project can feel like there are a million different moving parts. A well-designed eLearning curriculum will develop and nurture the critical skills needed to achieve a specific business outcome. Unfortunately, whether or not a curriculum design is successful is often left to chance. With so much on the line, who wants to take that gamble? Learn how to overcome this challenge in the second part of our article.
by Ashley Reardon
January 23, 2019 | Sponsored

How To Outsource eLearning Curriculum, Part 1

Curriculum design is the term used to describe all of the work focused on the organization and creation of instructional elements in a thoughtful and deliberate way to achieve a specific outcome. In this three-part article series, we’ll share all the steps, activities, and tools you can use to design a successful eLearning curriculum solution.
by Ashley Reardon