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October 21, 2013

eLearning Still Needs To Be Sold Or Is That Bought?

What’s as ineffective as relationship selling? Relationship buying! It appeared the problem was solved. Two martini lunches and deals done on the golf course all but disappeared under the scrutiny of a more transparent, post Sarbanes-Oxley world. But eLearning providers are for-profit businesses and deals still must be sold. So have the eLearning sales professionals all become personality-less question & answer machines while the eLearning buyers have all adopted sophisticated, measured and validated purchasing processes? Well, not quite, let me provide some background.

by Greg Morton
July 12, 2013

Brand-Led Learning

Your brand embodies the personality of your organization and your products or services.  This personality creates thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes.  What’s this have to do with learning?  If learning isn’t aligned with you brand and culture, the chances of it being successful are greatly reduced.  Take these steps to get aligned with your brand and improve results and outcomes.

by Cammy Bean