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September 24, 2018

eBook Release: Outstanding Software Training – How To Turn Online Training Into A Competitive Advantage At Each Step Of The Customer Journey

The growth that the software publishing market has witnessed, and is still experiencing, is both intriguing and demanding. However, this is not a gift without challenges. It is something that needs to be carefully managed in order to deliver by means of market penetration and, most importantly, generation of higher margins. Structuring constant training and support is crucial, making this edition a strong helping hand in your efforts for client acquisition, onboarding, and retention, adopting new realities and always being one step ahead.
by Christopher Pappas
September 16, 2018 | Sponsored

3 Tips To Create An Outstanding Software Training Strategy

Over the past few years, the software publishing market has seen exponential growth and all signs indicate that this is just the beginning. The growth is there, but so is the competition – growth alone is not enough. The way software companies manage this growth will decide their future.
by Amanda Rollins
September 14, 2018 | Sponsored

3 Reasons Why You Need Software Customer Training

Traditional training methods are too expensive and poorly adapted to current market needs. However, it is precisely because software is such a complex tool that it requires constant training. If client training and support is not adapted, you will quickly hit both a financial and human breaking point. In this article, I’ll demonstrate the importance of software customer training.
by Amanda Rollins
June 30, 2018

10 eLearning Platforms You Can Use For Online Courses

Do you have expertise in digital marketing? Do you have flair for teaching mathematics and science? Do you love sharing insights on programming languages? Do you have something informative and valuable to share with people? It’s a profitable business idea to publish courses and target busy learners.
by Marry Ann
June 13, 2018

10 Best Gantt Chart Software For eLearning Teams

Choosing the right Gantt chart software can give you a headache especially when there are too many choices to choose from. This article helps you understand what Gantt charts are, and it also lists the 10 best Gantt chart software in the market to help your eLearning teams to plan and manage your projects better.
by Vartika Kashyap
January 22, 2018

Choosing An Instructional Design Software 101

In the absence of an experienced Instructional Designer, Instructional Design software or rapid authoring tools are making it easier for companies to develop rich and interactive courses nonetheless. Looking for Instructional Design software tools? Use our guide to popular course authoring software.
by Nick Santaniello