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September 26, 2017

4 Types Of Gamers And Learner Engagement

So, you've invested in a gamified learning platform, your learners have become gamers, and you need to adapt your training approach. Bartle's taxonomy of player types provides a handy way to look at the different motivations that drive engagement on gamified systems.
by Juliette Denny
September 10, 2017

6 Ways Of Capturing eLearning Feedback

Several years ago, I attended a Creative Writing course at a local community college. On day-1, the instructor handed out a stack of documents –the Day’s Outline– and asked us to quickly review them to understand what we were about to learn. What happened next is a classic case of miscommunication and misunderstanding – something that eLearning course creators should learn from and avoid!
by Marina Arshavskiy