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January 2, 2015

4 Benefits To Using Badges In Online Learning

There are several benefits to using badges in an online class. Among these are greater autonomy for students, greater levels of feedback, and a variety of assignments. Students also enjoy the ability to try again if they don't succeed at first and the badge graphics they receive once they earn the badge.
by Kevin J. Browne
December 19, 2014

5 Key Benefits Of Open Access For eLearning

Open Access, means free, unrestricted online access to scholarly research. This opens up the world of peer reviewed academic publications to the whole world and can provide a wealth of high quality, freely available material which is perfect for use in eLearning. Read on to explore the benefits of Open Access and how you can benefit from using the wide array of resources available.
by Dan Almour
December 18, 2014

6 Important Components Of A Successful Online Learning Environment

What makes you a good instructor in the classroom – does not necessarily translate to good pedagogy in an online learning environment. Online Learning Environments are becoming increasingly available for learners in all areas of education from primary grades right through to higher education. They require key considerations to be cultivated to promote success.
by Deborah McCallum
December 11, 2014

9 Tips To Improve Online Learners’ Engagement

With the coming of Internet, the way learning is imparted has undergone a drastic change. It is no longer limited to teachers giving lessons to the students physically located in front of them in the classrooms. Now they can teach students living in far off places through web based learning and educational materials. This has led to the proliferation of various kinds of online materials devised for students, working professionals, and others who want to acquire new skills and knowledge. But teaching students physically present in a class is quite different from teaching individuals located in far away locations.
by Sharon Thomson
December 8, 2014

Choosing An Online Learning Platform: Which Makes Sense?

The type of online learning system you choose will depend on what you want your online program to "be." That, in turn, depends on a number of factors--what students should know and be able to do, technical considerations and the skills of online instructors. This post examines a few options for choosing an online learning "system."
by Mary Burns
November 29, 2014

7 Tools to Build Up Your School’s Online Potential - Revisited

There are so many great ways to promote your school online these days, yet parents and prospective students alike have limited resources for making informed decisions on this matter. Since the success of a school largely depends on their behavior, learning to tell your story online in order to engage becomes a sine qua non direction. Here are some revisited tools to make the most out of it.
by Alexandra Recasan
November 19, 2014

Online Grading to Make Teaching Life Easier

Moodle, the world’s leading open source learning platform, introduces the latest grading tools to meet pedagogical goals. Traditionally, grading has been handled by educators in their own evenings and weekends, hand marking papers to collate and review to track student progress and scoring. E-Learning has not only relieved educators of  this time consuming task, but given them well aimed tools for particular pedagogical scenarios. Moodle is designed and implemented for teachers by teachers, and the recent advancements with the gradebook tool are evidence of that. Grading is easy to do on all devices, with a scrollable grader report optimized for all browsers and screen sizes.
by Samantha Gartner
November 10, 2014

The Bandwidth Schools Have and the Bandwidth They Need

There’s an old saying that you can never be rich enough or thin enough (Since I am spending 4 months in a country where fried plantain is a staple in two of my three daily meals, I'm rather hoping the latter is not true). To these I would add a third axiom—if you are a school, you can never have enough bandwidth.
by Mary Burns