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Secrets To Choose The Ideal Mobile Learning Solution For Your Organization

SMBs typically don’t have a lot to work with. At least, in terms of financial means. But your top talent still needs anytime, anywhere support to uphold their end of the deal. This is particularly true for businesses that rely on external partners, such as sales channels, to expand their market reach. Though your staff size may be limited, your team needs targeted training tools that travel with them. How do you know which responsive Learning Management System is best for your bottom line? Are there ways to quickly vet LMS vendors and choose products that have all the essential features? Here are 6 ways to find the right mobile training solutions in your price bracket.

eBook Release: Modern And Mobile-First: The Ultimate Responsive Learning Management System Buying Guide
eBook Release
Modern And Mobile-First: The Ultimate Responsive Learning Management System Buying Guide
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1. Use Responsive LMS Online Directories

LMS online directories are a treasure trove of info. Best of all, they’re free to use, which is ideal for SMBs with limited resources. Reliable online directories should include all the essential info regarding the features, pricing, and deployment options, as well as the company’s background, use cases, and industries. Some even include a comparison tool where you can weigh your top 3 choices side by side to determine which is right for your business. The keyword here is "reliable." Look for online directories that specialize in mobile training, LMS, and all things eLearning, instead of a generalized site that covers multiple niches. Credible online directories understand evaluation criteria and the overall LMS selection process. Thus, their listings cover all the basics you need to make a well-informed buying decision.

2. Evaluate Online Ratings And Reviews

User ratings and online reviews are based on personal opinion, which makes them fallible. However, you can gather some valuable information from online reviews with a similar use case, such as users who are in the same industry and have the same level of experience or staff size. The trick is to read between the lines and prioritize. Is the review from a reliable source? Is it the only positive review on the site? Do the pros and cons align with your online training needs or expectations? For example, the reviewer mentions that the product lacks advanced support services. But your experienced team can suffice with responsive LMS deployment FAQs and user forums to cut LMS costs.

3. Survey Social Media Groups

Join a social media group that centers on mobile learning technologies, online training, and SMB employee development. Then ask for targeted mobile training tool recommendations based on your requirements and L&D budget. Some forums may even have a pinned list of LMS suggestions you can use to expand your search. Another social media route is YouTube, where you can find responsive LMS deployment demo videos and online reviews for popular mobile learning technology products.

4. Make The Most Of Top 20 Lists

Some online directories feature top 20 lists that cover everything from User Experience to value for money. Use these references to compile a shortlist of the solutions in your price range and industry. Once again, it’s important to verify the site’s credentials so that you can accurately judge every platform. For example, they should use honest ratings and reviews used to rate the LMS vendors, instead of factoring in sponsored opinions or letting LMS vendors pay their way to the top of the list.

5. Test Out The Mobile Learning Tool

There’s no substitute for trying the mobile learning tool yourself and seeing if it delivers top value for money. Your SMB has certain requirements that must be met. The product may claim it has all the features you need but is it easy to use? It comes with out-of-the-box reports, but do they align with your online training gaps and priorities? In addition, the mobile learning tool should be accessible on all popular devices. Can users download mobile training content and enjoy a seamless mobile training experience? Does the product come with a native app? Will your L&D team be able to preview training content on multiple devices?

6. Review The LMS Vendor's Landing Page

The responsive learning vendor’s landing page should represent the product’s usability and aesthetics. It must also highlight the key selling points, pricing plans, and standout functions as well as videos and screenshots of the platform to give you an idea of the UI and layout. Another element to look for is notable clients. Companies who trust the mobile learning tool for their own L&D strategies.

Bonus Tip: It All Starts (And Ends) With A Budget Overview

Successful responsive LMS deployment begins and ends with budget re-evaluation. How much can you realistically spend on a new mobile LMS? If you’re replacing your current Learning Management System, which gaps must it address and is it truly worth the ROI? Once you’ve implemented your new LMS, take a closer look at your expenses to look for resource-drainers. Online training tasks or tool functions that you can do without and still achieve the best outcomes. For example, do you really need the advanced support services? Should you upgrade to the next membership level to get even more features and improve functionality?

Your SMB shouldn’t have to settle for less simply because you have a tight budget or small staff size. After all, the only way to expand your brand is to hone in-house talent so they seal more deals and boost customer loyalty. Use this article to find a responsive LMS that lives up to your standards and falls into your price range. Start with an online directory that features ratings, reviews, and top 20 lists. Then sign up for free trials to test the platform for yourself and ensure it’s the best investment.

If you want to provide quick, convenient, and meaningful learning experiences to your workforce, download the eBook Modern And Mobile-First: The Ultimate Responsive Learning Management System Buying Guide. You will find insider secrets that will enable you to choose the ideal mobile training platform in order to provide top-notch mobile training and JIT support even when your employees are away from the office.

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