Using Video-Based eLearning To Enhance Onboarding

Using Video-Based eLearning To Enhance Onboarding
Summary: Video is the most consumed content-type in the modern world, as it is a visual medium which makes content easy to retain. Video-based eLearning can be utilized to take advantage of video's manifold benefits to onboard employees too. This is what we'll discuss in this article.

Why Should Video-Based eLearning Be Used For Onboarding?

The importance of an effective onboarding process cannot be overstated. It is the first impression a new employee has of your organization, and as some say, makes or break the relationship between an employee and an organization. Building the foundation of a strong employee-organization relationship requires an onboarding program that leaves the new employee at ease, familiarizes them with their job role as well as the organization’s culture, and leaves no ambiguities or questions in their minds. It is evident that the only right way to deliver onboarding training to new recruits is through eLearning. However, there are various types of eLearning strategies these days. So, which one is the most effective for onboarding?

Video-Based eLearning: The Perfect Fit For Onboarding

The modern learner no longer engages with eLearning consisting of an endless number of slides with poorly presented content. They consume the maximum amount of content in their daily lives in the form of videos present on social media, online ads as well as video blogs. It is natural that they are more comfortable in consuming content in video format. Video-based learning is also suitable for onboarding because it provides visual examples, and it is a known fact that visual information is absorbed and retained more readily than any other form. Let us now look at other benefits video-based learning provides, as well as reasons why you should include it in your onboarding program.

1. Videos Provide Engagement Like No Other Content Format

Have you ever wondered why reading text or looking at images for 3 hours seems like an eternity, but people can easily watch a 3-hour long movie? This is because videos provide audio-visual engagement the likes of which no other content form can. When used in an onboarding program, videos capture the attention of new hires, preventing them from getting distracted or bored. Of course, it helps if the content in the video is well-organized and helpful. Studies have proven that learners retain 95% of the knowledge delivered to them using a video format, as opposed to only 10% retention when knowledge is delivered in just text.

2. Video-Based eLearning Can Be Provided In A Microlearning Format

Microlearning is all the rage right now in eLearning as well as in the corporate organizations that use eLearning for employee training and development, as it has shown great results in improving retention. Another reason why you should use video-based eLearning in your onboarding program is the fact that microlearning and videos are ultimate combinations. Providing 5-minute video-based microlearning courses to employees to watch and learn is simple, can be done anytime, anywhere, and will keep employees happy as employees consume content in the form of videos in their free-time anyway. In regards to onboarding, it can also greatly reduce the onboarding time.

3. Video-Based eLearning Is Multi-Sensory

Videos are made up of sound, moving images as well as text. Videos in eLearning are interactive, meaning that learners also have to interact with them frequently. What this means is that learners are engaging in multi-sensory learning when they are taking video-based eLearning courses, which allows them to grasp concepts and skills in much more depth than other eLearning strategies. It also allows them to form better cognitive connections with the subject, and thus solve subject-related problems with increased ease. The benefits of this feature of video-based learning extend not only to onboarding but beyond it.

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4. Videos Have Unparalleled Demonstrative Power

This one is obvious. In corporate organizations, there are a number of practical skills that need to be taught to employees; for example, operating and maintaining a certain specialized piece of machinery, or performing a clinical procedure. Such skills require step-by-step demonstrative learning. The most effective format for providing such learning is video, and no other content format comes even close when explaining in detail the intricacies of a skill. Thus, videos can be used to explain job roles to new employees during onboarding in much detail.

5. Video-Based eLearning Reduces Cost

Video-based eLearning can save organizations a lot of money. As it is a form of eLearning, there are no costs related to hiring an instructor or renting a seminar or auditorium. Secondly, development costs are greatly reduced, even compared to other forms of eLearning, as the courses mostly consist of videos that are picked off the internet. Thus, it provides learners with a rich learning experience at almost no additional costs.

Content in the form of videos has become immensely popular in the last decade, along with video technology which has advanced and evolved at lightning-speed and will likely continue to do so. Consequently, it is a good idea to use video-based eLearning in your onboarding program, as well as your employee training and development program.

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