6 Ways To Enforce Workplace Compliance Through Gamification With A Compliance Training LMS

Enforce Workplace Compliance Through Gamification
Summary: Do badges and points really mesh with mandatory compliance training? In this article, I am sharing 6 creative ways to enforce workplace compliance through gamification.

How Gamification Can Amp Up Employee Engagement

The biggest advantage of investing in compliance training over pre-built solutions is customization. You can build the exact online training course you want in order to personalize the process. For example, you may incorporate game mechanics to boost employee motivation and get them actively involved. But how can you utilize these techniques to ensure compliance skills are not just learned but also applied? Keep in mind that by making your process entertaining and immersive, you won’t really need to enforce anything. They’ll do it because it’s fun.

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Mitigating Risks In The Modern Corporate World: Your Guide To Investing In A Compliance Training LMS
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6 Engaging Ways To Enforce Workplace Compliance

1. Send Them On A Quest

The simplicity or complexity of your tactics depends on your budget and technical ability. You could design a full-scale video game based on learning objectives or you could create a basic "game" where instructions are issued via animated text. What's the difference? In a full-fledged game, there will be avatars and gamescapes to explore in a first-person setup. In a text version, you’ll receive little word prompts telling you where to go and what to do. Whatever option you choose, incorporate a point-based system in workplace compliance to provide immediate, but subtle, eLearning feedback. For example, employees earn a certain number of points every time they follow the rules or points are taken away when they violate your policies.

2. Build In Branching Scenarios

Along the journey, your corporate learners will have to use their compliance knowledge to make decisions. Each choice will influence the outcome. They can replay the online training course as many times as they like, and because it’s fun, they’ll surely do many repeat runs. The more they engage with this online training material, the more familiar they become with workplace compliance regulations. Rewards could be in-game badges and/or redeemable points.

3. Initiate A Challenge

In the former exercise, corporate learners had to search for something. In this one, they have to solve a puzzle or complete a challenge. For example, they could be tasked with delivering a package to a customer. To get there, they need to overcome various "game bosses" like a hitch-hiker (no unauthorized passengers should be allowed) or a street parade (you get a free gift if you wear a costume and join in…but this would mean you’re out of uniform). Each "mini-boss" or level tests an area of compliance training, and corporate learners have to figure it out as they go.

4. Engage In Direct Violations

Some challenges will be blatant, like a cop asking for a bribe to overlook your broken tail light; a tail light that may—or may not—have broken during an earlier task. Other challenges will be sneakier, like arriving at the customer’s home and being invited in for coffee (potential for sexual harassment or a COI violation), or being offered a pie as a tip for fast delivery (is it a bribe?). Once again, you can use avatars to play this. Employees who master the compliance nuances move up a spot on the online training leaderboard or they may even earn a badge that ties into the knowledge or skills required for that workplace compliance simulation.

5. Include Realistic Exploration

Sometimes, you want online training to be a little more down to earth. You could, for example, shoot a detailed 3D video of your workspace. Build this video into a simulation and ask corporate learners to spend some time there every day. It doesn’t have to be long; it could even last for 10 minutes. As an LMS developer, you should add things to the "virtual office" every day. Implant clues and queries for corporate learners to resolve, each one teaching them an element of compliance. They’ll unlock hidden objects to add to their virtual collection or badge-based rewards to show off their achievements.

6. Test Pressured Problem-Solving

Develop everyday branching scenarios that test your employees’ ability to react to compliance issues under pressure. For example, they log in to the workplace compliance training LMS one morning to find that there’s a hazardous spill on the virtual sales floor. The next morning brings a potential COI breach during a client meeting. The excitement is in discovering daily "Easter eggs." They may not even realize they’re learning, but the knowledge and repeated exposure will subconsciously sink in. They will receive an online training trophy or a printable certificate as a reward when they reach certain milestones.

Insider Tip: Follow Up With Online Training Feedback

Though gamification does give employees the opportunity to identify areas for improvement, they may need more support, such as follow-up recommendations and eLearning feedback to point them in the right direction. For example, the simulation concludes with a brief recap of the skills or topics they need to work on to achieve the best score. You can even keep a running checklist of workplace compliance badges they still need to earn and the activities that tie in. This way, they’re able to keep track of their own progress and increase their motivation by checking the box of each item.

You can use your compliance training LMS to gamify serious topics like workplace compliance and industrial regulation. And while many corporate learners go through the online training course just to finish it, gamification can ensure lessons sink in. It can extend the online training process perpetually, subtly enforcing rules and maintaining standards. Send your corporate learners on an adventure to bring back the hidden treasure or you can even have them deliver an in-game package, with non-compliance barriers all along the way. You could even try a more grounded approach, turning a reproduction of your office into a parallel world full of pitfalls. Repeated exposure will reinforce recall and sink regulations deeper into your corporate learners’ mental schema.

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