What Is Employee Development? The Key To Business Success!

What Is Employee Development? The Key To Business Success!
Summary: What is employee development? Once you invest in it, the resulting improvements in productivity outweigh the amount spent on the development initiative.

Employee Development: The Key To Business Success

What is employee development? We know it’s important—that’s something nobody can argue with. But ask yourself how much effort you really put into helping your employees go further?

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When you look at your employees, do you see a motivated group of individuals, working as a single entity in some strange telepathic union? Lucky you! If, on the other hand, you see a motley crew of lack-luster clock-watchers, don’t despair right away—there’s still something you can do. In many cases, a revised employee development program can be just the thing to inject some much-needed enthusiasm into a lifeless team.

Once you decide to invest in training and employee development, getting a Return On Investment becomes a lot easier.

Benefits Of Employee Development

Employees want to advance in their careers. But too often on the front line, you can hear the refrain: "If the manager doesn’t care, then why on earth should I?". Employees just love it when the management wants to help them reach the peak of their potential. Your business can change dramatically when the boss takes an active interest in employee development. Here are just some of the benefits:

1. Happier Employees

Once upon a time, happiness and work were considered 2 separate things. Gladly we can now bid farewell to the days when work was considered a just punishment for an idle and carefree youth. According to the World Health Organization, 58% of the world’s population spends 1/3 of their lives at work, so it’s only right that we enjoy it. Likewise, life’s hard enough without lifeless training that sucks enthusiasm like a Dementor. Training that focuses on engaging the learner is not only more effective but also more enjoyable. Now that your workers are happy, it’s a short step before they turn into…

2. Loyal Employees

Staff turnover is an inconvenience which you can happily do without. The great news is that with a little investment in employee development, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, not to mention time and money. If your employees find all the support they need, why would they seek employment anywhere else? Loyalty doesn’t just dictate whether or not your employees turn up to work. When a company takes an interest employee development, the staff will take an interest in the future of the company, resulting in…

3. Increased Productivity

With a strong team of individuals who love their jobs and will gladly lay down their lives for the good of the company, it won’t be long before you see a boost in productivity. Do you dream of getting that elusive 110% effort from your people? Did you think that ‘unpaid voluntary overtime’ was just something that happened on TV? Employee development is the first step in turning these crazy fantasies into flesh-and-blood reality… or at the very least, making them slightly more possible.

Aside from unquenchable zeal, a dedicated workforce can also bring you…

4. Improved Quality Of Services And Products

Happy workers who care about the business take immense pride in the work they do. They know that the customer expects flawless quality, and they’d sooner fall on their swords than be the person who lets the team down. Once you have an enthusiastic team focused on providing a quality service, all that’s left is to plant your flag at the summit…

5. Excellence

Who would have believed it?! We started off with unmotivated, unloved, and underachieving idlers, and here we are with a force of superheroes, willing to sweat blood, if necessary, to get your company to the top—it’s enough to make you weep! If you want to shed tears of joy all over your profit reports, training and development is the key to getting the best Return On your Investment.

But How?!

If you’re wondering how you can achieve all these incredible things, we have the answer. Just click here to download How to Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide to Training Evaluation. This handy workbook from the undisputed world champions of learner engagement will give you all you need to justify your training budget from start to finish. With this in your arsenal, you could finally get the budget your training department truly deserves!

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