Blended Learning In Healthcare: A Toolkit For A Blended Learning Approach In Clinical Training

by Lambda Solutions

Blended learning approaches for clinical training offers a solution that streamlines the training process and leverages the best technologies for each part of the learning journey.

Key Chapters

  1. Code Blue: Blended Learning To The Rescue

    Code Blue is a code every healthcare clinician, and most healthcare visitors, know.

  2. First Things First: Defining Your Learning Goals

    Whatever the goal, identify it and state it clearly using action-based language so you know what approach is needed to effectively teach the outcome.

  3. Toolkit For A Blended Learning Approach In Clinical Training

    - Online Learning
    - Simulations
    - Simulations for Team Training
    - Coaching and Mentoring
    - Classroom Learning
    - Blended Learning Magic

  4. Blending It All Together With A Learning Management System

    While blended learning has proven to be a superior approach in achieving learning outcomes that stick - it is a tad trickier to manage given all the activities that take

“Blended learning” typically includes a mix of online learning, simulation, team training, one-on-one coaching, and even in-person seminars. The value of each piece fits a specific need for the outcome desired at the end of the learning journey.

Blended Learning is already used with success in Healthcare, but at the same time there is still distance to be covered when it comes to applying this approach in Clinical Training specifically. Lambda Solutions came up with a Toolkit for this case, an eBook that covers from goal-defining to Blended Learning implementation through an LMS which can be of great value for professionals of the field.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network