Is Microlearning The Best Possible Technique For Teaching Sales Enablement?

Is Microlearning The Best Possible Technique For Teaching Sales Enablement?
Summary: This article explores why microlearning is the ideal method for company's to use when teaching sales enablement.

What Are The Advantages Of Microlearning?

In the world of today, teaching sales enablement has become a prerequisite for companies, because they can't let go of any opportunity. But sales professionals have busy schedules, and finding time is tough. Hence, companies need to rely on microlearning to implement training in the best possible manner for sales representatives. With microlearning, even when employees are busy, teaching sales enablement can be conducted without them having to compromise on time spent with their clients. It’s the job of the company’s L&D employees to check whether they have the best information for training.

Benefits Of Microlearning

Best Possible Use Of Time

In sales, people already have a lot going on. So, the company should schedule training flexibly. When a company understands that there is a shortage of time, it starts sales enablement training in shorter modules. These modules can be in the form of infographics and FAQs, which salespeople can use for query resolution. When the team is able to match their training with their timetable, it's quite beneficial for them.

Easier Retention

Sales professionals might not be able to retain too much information delivered in too short a time. So, they shouldn’t be burdened with cognitive overload. When the training videos are shorter, it's easier to grasp and retain information. The company can prepare such modules while keeping the learning targets in mind. So, when it comes to upskilling, microlearning is the best possible solution because it presents information in the form of games and simulations, which are easier to retain compared to longer videos and documentation. It is the best way to upskill the employees of a company in customer retention skills.

Easy Tracking

With microlearning, it is simpler to track the employees' use of training content. So, whenever employees are facing problems using content, this can be figured out through these statistics. If the training is not leading to improvement, analytics can reveal the cause. They can indicate any failure in understanding if the employees are failing tests.

How To Leverage The Advantages Of Microlearning

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics can indicate all kinds of discrepancies between the expected and actual performance. If the content is not getting the expected views, or the user is not reading all the module, then it’s a sign that the course is not satisfactory for users. If the user is failing tests despite using all the modules, it indicates that the two don’t have any correlation, which implies that the modules need to be upgraded. It also shows that the test questions are too complicated. Maybe in-person training is needed so that learners can understand the modules better and attempt the tests. If user engagement is also lacking, it clearly implies that the course lacks a mode of instruction suitable for all users, such as closed captions.

Tests For The Users

Assessments are an important part of the microlearning approach to teaching sales enablement. Without assessments, companies cannot know whether the sales representatives are ready to do their job properly. Knowledge checks can be in the form of quizzes or branching scenarios, to confirm whether the representatives know the product well. Role-playing can also be introduced so that the reps know how to deal with consumers in all kinds of situations, which is not easy. Observations are the third technique through which the knowledge of the sales reps can be checked. This way, managers can check the performance of employees by the way they handle customers. Managers can even accompany sales reps on field trips to find out whether they are able to convert their leads. Even emails with the buyers can be read by the managers to get an idea of whether the representatives are doing their best, or if they need further training.


The sales pitch is an inevitable part of a sale, which implies that the sellers must know how to explain to the buyer the product features in the shortest time possible. For this, the sellers must record a sales pitch, which managers can then check. This can be of a minute's duration. If the managers find any flaws with the pitch, they can guide the sales representatives on how to rectify them.

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