Offering Free eLearning Courses: 6 Benefits For eLearning Firms

How eLearning Companies Can Benefit By Offering Free eLearning Courses

Many eLearning companies are hesitant to offer their goods or services for free because they won’t see any short-term returns. However, there are a number of trade-offs that eLearning professionals may not have even considered. It’s true, you may not get any immediate monetary compensation, but there are a variety of other ways that you and your audience can benefit from a free-of-charge eLearning course. Here are 6 hidden benefits that are associated with free eLearning courses.

  1. Builds the online buzz about your eLearning company.
    Giving online learners a free eLearning course gives them the opportunity to spread the word about your eLearning company, online presence, brand image, and message. For example, you may get press coverage or be mentioned on social media pages. Bloggers might talk about the benefits of your eLearning course or the quality of the eLearning content. This is one of the key reasons why it is important to put your best foot forward when you are creating your eLearning course, despite the fact that you aren’t going to profit directly from it. A well-designed eLearning course that reflects your eLearning professional image and offers real value will help generate positive publicity. A poorly designed eLearning product, on the other hand, can damage your reputation and build a negative buzz.
  2. Collect valuable feedback. 
    One of the most significant benefits of offering a free eLearning course is that you receive feedback, opinions, and insight from your target audience. If you want to learn what learners truly think about the eLearning course you can include a survey or questionnaire at the end and encourage them to offer their input. You can then use this data to improve upon your weaknesses and identify your strengths so that future eLearning courses are more effective. Collecting feedback also allows you to get testimonials and endorsements that you can put on your site or promotional materials. Just make sure that you ask for approval before you make the comments public. Feedback also has a secondary benefit, which is making online learners feel as though their opinions matter and their voices are being heard. If they know that you care about what they think, then they are more likely to return for future eLearning sessions.
  3. Cultivates credibility. 
    Some online learners may be hesitant to enroll in or purchase your eLearning course because they aren’t sure what to expect. They don’t know if it will be real value for their money. However, these fears can be dispelled if they are able to see the caliber of your work and see that you are offering accurate information and tips. A free eLearning course builds the credibility of your eLearning company or organization because there is no risk involved. Online learners do not have to worry about investing in product that will disappoint, as you are giving them a risk-free glimpse of what your eLearning company has to offer.
  4. Builds buyer confidence.
    This benefit actually ties into the last, due to the fact that increasing your credibility leads to a boost in buyer confidence. Learners have the opportunity to explore the style of your eLearning courses and the quality of your online content. Thus, they can click on the "Buy" button without any hesitation if they are interested in any of your other eLearning courses. Sometimes they just need that extra nudge to commit, like a free eLearning course that lets them try out the eLearning platform before they have to invest anything.
  5. Fosters brand awareness.
    Online training is a competitive market, which is why building your eLearning professional brand is so important. A free eLearning course fosters brand awareness and gives learners the chance to familiarize themselves with your eLearning product. Better still, if the eLearning course is top notch they will automatically associate the experience with positive emotions, which turns them into repeat learners. If you are still a bit uncertain about whether offering a free eLearning course is right for your organization, why not create a brief module that gives them a small preview of your brand. For example, a five minute eLearning course that gives them clear and concise information that focuses on a specific concept or idea. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex or technologically advanced, as long as it sheds a positive light on your brand image.
  6. Promotes your existing eLearning course catalog.
    At the end of your free eLearning course you can always include links to other eLearning courses that learners may find interesting. This also gives you the chance to promote your existing eLearning course catalog and boost your eLearning course sales. In most cases, people may not even be aware of the fact that you have already built a library of eLearning courses that will help them master a task or build a skill set. Thus, your free eLearning course will serve as a gateway for them, an introduction to all of the products that can benefit their personal or professional lives. Just make sure that the suggestions you make are related to the free eLearning course in some way. For example, you might recommend that they enroll in your time management eLearning course if they are currently participating in a productivity eLearning course.

A free eLearning course gives your learners the opportunity to try before they buy. They get the information they need, while you get the chance to turn them into repeat "customers". If you’re still undecided about whether offering a free eLearning course is right for your organization, consider these hidden perks that can help you market yourself as an eLearning professional and entice reluctant online learners.

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