Published: December 5, 2022

SweetRush Honored By Three CLO Learning In Practice Gold Awards

SweetRush Chairman and Co-founder Arturo Schwartzberg credits this triumph to client-partners who dare to think creatively and act boldly.

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San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 5, 2022 — SweetRush is honored to receive three Learning in Practice Gold Awards from Chief Learning Officer for Excellence in Community Service, Excellence in Content, and Excellence in eLearning.

Chief Learning Officer’s Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief Ashley St. John describes this year’s 46 Learning in Practice Award recipients as representatives of “a transformative era in L&D: one marked by resilience, creativity, compassion, and the constant willingness to stretch outside the box.”

An L&D industry disrupter since 2001, SweetRush meets this transformative era by blending outstanding Instructional Design with agency-level creative design to create innovative, engaging, learner-centric custom learning solutions.

SweetRush Chairman and Co-founder Arturo Schwartzberg credits SweetRush’s success to partnerships with like-minded clients who dare to think creatively, act boldly, and build transformative learning solutions.

Each of these Learning in Practice Gold Awards represents a relationship founded in collaboration—with client-partners who care deeply about crafting highly engaging and effective learning experiences.

Here are the stories behind the awards:

  • Excellence In Community Service: American Diabetes Association (ADA) / American Heart Association (AHA)

AHA, ADA, and SweetRush joined forces to create Know Diabetes by Heart, a story-based learning program that helps healthcare professionals reduce the incidence of cardiovascular deaths, heart attacks, and strokes in people living with type 2 diabetes. The program equips specialists with the tools they need to step out of a compartmentalized view of patient care to a holistic approach that treats the whole patient.

SweetRush’s Arturo Schwartzberg observes, “Know Diabetes by Heart was the perfect opportunity to use our L&D craft in service of life potential. For the 537 million people living with type 2 diabetes, ADA’s and AHA’s willingness to think creatively with us is nothing short of heroism.”

  • Excellence In Content: Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Through extensive research, SHRM discovered that new managers were often left on their own to sink or swim, risking team morale and productivity. Inspired by the opportunity, SHRM partnered with SweetRush to create a best-in-class leadership certification program that helped new people managers become great people managers.

Thinking boldly together, SHRM and SweetRush created the People Manager Qualification (PMQ): a high-interest dramedy that follows a group of friends as they clash, cringe, and grow together as managers and people. PMQ’s binge-worthy seasons and episodes keep learners clicking “Play Next” through 13 hours of vital management content.

Jeanne Morris, SHRM’s Vice President of Education, shares, “SHRM sought the very best when committing to elevating workplace culture by developing stronger people managers through the PMQ. SweetRush exceeded our expectations and helped us to raise the bar on how to deliver this learning experience. Developing high-potential employees into powerful leaders of the future can have a profound effect on your business and employee experience. SweetRush shares our vision, and our teams have a deep understanding and respect for each other, which results in world-class programs. It is the way every client/vendor relationship should be.”

  • Excellence In eLearning: Bayer

Bayer needed a fresh, bold, and unique approach to help its managers embrace new mindsets and skills and put them into action. They called on SweetRush to collaborate and create something Bayer leaders had never seen before.

Enter Rise & Thrive, a colorful, impactful microlearning experience that opens with a thought-provoking challenge: Think small to make big changes. Bite-sized video content, weekly “dares,” and reflections reinforce the power of thinking small and help learners build new leadership habits.

Rachel Lamb, Bayer’s Global Performance & Development Learning Experience Lead, explains, “Learning today should look very different than it did a few years ago. Screen fatigue is real, and attention spans have decreased. We need to make learning fun and experiential. Bold, bright, bite-sized, and beautiful is our secret sauce for creating learning that is memorable and impactful.”

The SweetRush team extends its heartfelt congratulations to its client-partners and all Learning in Practice award winners who work to transform and elevate the L&D craft.

To speak to SweetRush about its award-winning approach to Learning and Development, visit the company website.

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