Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown—Week 2 Digest

Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown—Week 2 Digest Articles
Summary: Each week the digest of Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown is bringing you the latest submissions about this issue. Let's review together everything that happened last week.

Fighting The Good Fight

The response of the eLearning community has been amazing so far. L&D professionals everywhere are doing their best in order to keep both for-profit and non-profit organizations going during these hard times. Let's see what our authors' articles say about Week 2 of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Turn Trying Times Into A Capacity Building Opportunity: 5 Considerations

One of the most important skills one can master is being able to find opportunities even during a crisis. This article is written primarily for organizations operating in countries where there is a lockdown situation and employees are not allowed to go to work, and it explores ways to remotely engage your workforce in training. Phil McInnes has developed a unique methodology and process to help organizations leverage technology—in the form of Learning Management Systems and e-support—to implement best practices that consistently deliver this strategy.

eLearning Transition Protocol Development: Moving F2F Training Online

Michael explains the 7-step process of moving training online. His method consists of training delivery infrastructure mapping, business process mapping, business process grading, collecting IT infrastructure requirements, high-importance process development and integration, high-importance processing and, finally, eLearning system completion, testing, and adjustments. Dr. Michael Baron is the founder and CEO of Baron Consulting, one of Australia's leading business consulting, recruitment, and training agencies.

How To Deepen Emotional Intelligence With Inquiry Into COVID-Related Fears

Stephanie explains how emotional intelligence is an important life skill for any mature adult, especially for those in leadership positions, and advises on how can we improve it using our fears. Stefanie Skupin is the owner and course leader at The Leaders Work since 2019. She is passionate about living her best life and connecting leading professionals with their excellence through inquiries into their stressful and limiting beliefs.

Dear Work-From-Home Newbie, Hacks That No One Really Talks About

Divya teaches newcomers how to leave their fears behind and be their best selves while working from home. She begins her article in the best way possible—a Doctor Who reference! Divya Patteri is a highly cognizant and self-motivated educator and designer based in Singapore. She believes in a utopian future where there will be an amelioration of technology calling to make education accessible, inclusive, and sustainable.

The Secret To Creating More Leaders

This is one of the most counter-intuitive articles from Week 2 of the Coronavirus Lockdown. Can an organization, during this crisis, focus on creating more leaders? The current economic downturn from the COVID-19 pandemic is going to threaten the existence of many companies, and that makes the creation of more leaders a necessity. Don Frericks helps companies develop extraordinary leaders without wasting years and thousands of dollars.

(The Right) Learning Modalities To Deliver Digital Learning: Part 1

Patti discusses the availability of learning modalities that can help deliver digital content. Evidence shows that you’ll likely need both asynchronous (self-paced) and synchronous (live) tools to support different instructional needs. Patti begins her series with a discussion of these tools and their blending. Patti Shank Ph.D. is listed as one of the top 10 most influential people in eLearning internationally. She has written numerous books and her articles are found all over the internet.

COVID-19 And The Mainstreaming Of Virtual Classrooms

This article discusses the role virtual classrooms are playing in the current pandemic and what potential this medium holds for its mainstreaming, with a special focus on education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Najmul Hoda is currently working as an assistant professor at the College of Business, Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia. He earned his doctorate in microfinance and is passionate about research in social banking. Sharjeel Ahmad is an MBA with a concentration in Information Technology. He has the credit of an affluent professional experience spanning more than 18 years in Instructional Design, custom and end-to-end eLearning solutions, and mobile learning.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Jos describes the current situation with society being on hold. In many cases, this also applies to L&D. In his article, he analyzes relevant questions that need to be addressed now about strengthening L&D after the "corona crisis." Jos Arets is a passionate author of blogs, articles, and many books. He designs 70:20:10 solutions to support high performance and is passionate about contemporary art, jazz, and avant-garde.

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