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May 5, 2016

10 Building Blocks Of Great Custom Learning

Learning, according to any pedagogue, becomes effective and easy only when it is customized as per the learner’s abilities. With the advent of technology, online learning has become a fad. Custom learning is replacing tedious and daunting classroom training programs, thereby enabling learners to take up courses as per their convenience. Technology-aided learning has greatly influenced the corporate and educational spheres. However, any negligence could result in the failure of your custom learning program. Many custom learning initiatives do not generate desirable results due to bottlenecks in the learning program. So, how do you ensure that your custom learning initiative fulfills its primary objective?
by Suresh Kochattil
May 1, 2016 | Sponsored

Adapting To Adaptive Learning

“Adaptive Learning” has been a frequently used term in education for many years but today, with the advent of more ubiquitous technology in schools, education systems are placing more emphasis on the advantages of leveraging adaptive techniques within both assessments and instructional programs. Adaptive Learning, in the domain of computer-delivered instruction, is now used as a fairly generic term and can describe a wide range of functionality from the fairly simple to the highly complex. The basic idea of adaptivity in learning is the ability to modify the presentation of material in response to a student’s performance.
by Artur Dyro
April 17, 2016

Creating An Adaptive eLearning Quiz With Storyline 2

You probably heard about adaptive learning, which is a learning model where the curriculum adapts to the learner. It can be achieved by branch scenarios, quizzing, and personalization tactics within an eLearning module. Here is how to create an adaptive eLearning environment and in particular an adaptive eLearning quiz with Articulate Storyline 2.
by Alexander Salas, CPLP
April 7, 2016

Distance Learning: 10 Ways To Keep Your Motivation High

While eLearning provides a convenient way to acquire knowledge, the lack of face-to-face and personal interaction poses a great challenge in sustaining interest in the course or program. This article provides 10 pragmatic ways for students to remain engaged in distance learning and complete their online course.
by Mary Kleim
March 19, 2016

5 Tips For Using The Testing Effect In eLearning

Memory is everything in eLearning; more specifically, long-term memory.  The measure of success for any eLearning course is whether online learners are truly able to retain, recall, and apply what they have learned. But how do you do ensure that the subject matter isn’t forgotten while it’s still stuck in their short-term memory?  In this article, I’ll discuss how to use the Testing Effect in eLearning, so that you can create eLearning experiences they are sure to remember. 
by Christopher Pappas
March 10, 2016

5 Hidden Benefits Of Conducting eLearning Audience Research

Discovering online learners' preferences and identifying knowledge gaps are some of the best known benefits of conducting eLearning audience research. However, there are also a variety of other advantages that you may not have even considered. In this article, I'll highlight 5 hidden benefits of researching your target eLearning audience.
by Christopher Pappas