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September 17, 2016

4 Steps To Create Amazing eLearning Templates

Are you looking for a way to speed up the eLearning design process without sacrificing the eLearning course quality? Do you need to ensure that your eLearning modules, activities, and assessments are cohesive and consistent? In this article, I'll explore the 4 key steps to create amazing eLearning templates, even if your don't have any prior design experience.
by Christopher Pappas
September 17, 2016

Overcoming The Challenges Of e-Assessments In 5 Simple Steps

It is important to measure how people learn and not just what they have learnt. It is necessary to implement relevant technologies for assessments to make learning applicable to modern students, who are more digital and competence-based. Feedback should be used to improve learning. Here are 5 steps for overcoming the most common challenges of e-assessments.
by Lourdes Guardia
August 19, 2016

Learning Objectives Vs Learning Activities: What's The Difference?

Learning objectives and learning activities are two crucial pieces of ammunition in the eLearning provider's arsenal. They have a role in making lessons engaging and fruitful. Here, we explore the binary relationship of learning objectives vs learning activities by discussing the difference and understanding the importance of both.
by Anand Timothy