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December 11, 2014

9 Tips To Improve Online Learners’ Engagement

With the coming of Internet, the way learning is imparted has undergone a drastic change. It is no longer limited to teachers giving lessons to the students physically located in front of them in the classrooms. Now they can teach students living in far off places through web based learning and educational materials. This has led to the proliferation of various kinds of online materials devised for students, working professionals, and others who want to acquire new skills and knowledge. But teaching students physically present in a class is quite different from teaching individuals located in far away locations.
by Sharon Thomson
December 4, 2014

8 Tips To Use Stock Images In eLearning

In this article, I'll share 8 unexpected and powerful uses for stock images that you'll want to consider when designing your next eLearning deliverable. Each of these can help you to create engaging, interactive, and effective eLearning courses that your learners aren't soon to forget!
by Christopher Pappas
December 3, 2014

5 Psychology Principles That eLearning Professionals Should Know

In this article, I'll highlight 5 psychology principles that you should use before you develop your next eLearning courses. Knowing how learners acquire information and why they need such information, is the key to becoming a successful eLearning professional. Using psychology principles in eLearning courses, offers eLearning professionals the chance to take full advantage of learning behaviors when creating their next eLearning deliverable.
by Christopher Pappas
December 1, 2014

Top 5 Tips For Visual Design In eLearning

In this article, I'll share top tips for visual design in eLearning. After reading through it, you'll be able to create an eye-catching, powerful, and immersive eLearning course for your audience, even if you are not familiar with graphic design principles.
by Christopher Pappas
November 27, 2014

e-Learning Graphic Design Fundamentals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is good e-Learning design worth? A lot—after all, good design is more than just a pretty picture! But don’t let the idea of having to design an entire e-Learning course stress you out. Once you master these design fundamentals, you’ll be creating sleek, professional courses every time.
by Stephanie Ivec
November 25, 2014

5 Brain Hacks to Get Your eLearners to Learn Faster

What if you could give your elearners the superpower of learning faster? Sound impossible? Not if you know the cognitive hacks to boost brain performance. Your subconscious mind is smarter than you. It makes most of your decisions without you--and without the permission of your conscious mind. It’s the fastest-acting part of your brain. Yet most eLearning courses engage the slowest acting part of the brain - the neocortex, seat of logic and reasoning.
by Vicki Kunkel
November 24, 2014

Tips On How To Use The 6 Laws of Perception in eLearning

In this article, I'll highlight the 6 Laws of Perception, also known as the Principles of Grouping (or Gestalt Laws of Grouping), and show you how to use each one of them in your eLearning course strategy. Regardless of the subject matter, the target audience, or the eLearning objectives, these Laws of Perception can help you to design highly effective eLearning courses.
by Christopher Pappas