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Learning Experience Design - Introduction (Part 1)

Learning Experience Design - Introduction (Part 1)

Organizations are changing and digital disruption is happening at all the places. Learning technology is not an exception. Today, organizations need a Learning Experience strategy to create an engaging experience for learners to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Copyright Protection In eLearning Design: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Work

When eLearning content designers create material for their courses, they invest considerable amount of time, skill, effort, and money into its production. If you are an independent designer, or running your own eLearning consulting business, you have much more at stake in your creations. As a result, there is often an implied understanding of “ownership” for the content. However, oftentimes content created through your toil and labor can be surreptitiously copied and used by someone else; depriving you not only of acknowledgement of ownership, but also of potential material and financial benefits that may have accrued to you. Copyright aims to put an end to such “misappropriation” of content that lawfully belongs to you. In most cases (though there are limitations and exemptions) such protection grants the original creator the right to own the content, and decide who can use, share or disseminate it. In this article we will talk about copyright protection in eLearning. We will also go over some useful tips to consider when dealing with copyrighted content.