Employee Performance

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September 21, 2016

Why Business Application Training Is Important

Across the globe, companies spend $130 billion on corporate training, reports The Corporate Learning Factbook, despite incredibly low retention rates. In fact, only around one-quarter of training programs lead to any noticeable impact in employee performance, says McKinsey. Which raises the question: If companies waste billions of dollars on inefficient business application training, then why does application training so frequently fail?
by Julia Bespala
September 7, 2016

8 Tips To Design Successful Sales Online Training Courses

You want your distributed sales force to have all the knowledge and skills they need. After all, your company’s success hinges on their ability to close the deal and turn customers into repeat business. In this article, I’ll share 8 tips for designing successful sales online training courses for your organization.
by Christopher Pappas
September 1, 2016

9 Free Human Resources Software Programs To Try

If you are interested in seeing if Human Resources software programs could work for your company, you may find that experimenting with some of the free software available a useful exercise. In the process, you may even find a system that works well for you. This is more likely to happen if your company is small and your needs are fairly straightforward.
by Roz Bahrami
July 23, 2016

7 Tips To Integrate Cross-Training In Corporate eLearning

Your customer service manager is out sick and two HR employees just went on vacation. Under normal circumstances, this would be a minor disaster. But the corporate catastrophe can be averted if you concentrate on cross-training. In this article, I'll discuss how to cross-train your staff through your corporate eLearning program.
by Christopher Pappas