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August 28, 2018

eBook Release – Future Leadership Development: Transforming Leaders to Excel In The Digital Age… And Beyond

Judging from afar, one could say corporate training is of solid structure and well-fringed content. This can be true for certain aspects of it, but not all. It takes a lot more to meet the expectations of a training program for development of future leadership. Take heart though, as InfoPro Learning has decided to share all the insight gained from years of experience. Such a helpful read on the design and implementation of courses that transform employees into leaders, giving them all the skills and knowledge they’ll be needing.
by Christopher Pappas
July 30, 2018

eBook Release: The Guide To Evolutionary Development: Part 1

A leader must have full understanding of his or hers field of action. In times of fast, dramatic changes, this is not so much a matter of knowledge, rather than a need for the right mindset. This way you can come up with an evolutionary development framework that will deal with complexities and implications. By delving in the insight given here, you will be able to look past established models. Broaden the horizon of your future leaders’ vision with the holistic approach presented here.
by Christopher Pappas